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Cristiano Ronaldo wins penalty but tells the referee it wasn't a foul

Cristiano Ronaldo wins penalty but tells the referee it wasn't a foul

Cristiano Ronaldo displayed superb sportsmanship in Al Nassr's game against Persepolis.

Cristiano Ronaldo produced an incredible act of sportsmanship in Al Nassr's AFC Champions League clash with Persepolis.

Luis Castro's side welcomed the Iranian outfit to Al Awwal Park for the penultimate game in Group E and looked set to take an early lead when Ronaldo won an early penalty.

The opposition players immediately protested the decision but in a shock turn of events, Ronaldo followed them in telling the referee it was not a foul.

He shook his finger in the direction of the referee and could be seen mouthing, "No penalty".

Eventually the decision was overturned following a VAR review.

For many Ronaldo would be the last person to make such a gesture but his act of fair play was widely commended across the board.

One said: "Cristiano Ronaldo had the chance to become the joint top scorer in 2023, instead he told the referee it was not a penalty. Incredible sportsmanship."

A second commented: "Cristiano Ronaldo won a penalty & the referee gave it, but he told the referee that is not a penalty. Great mentality."

A third posted: "Cristiano Ronaldo won a penalty but then told the referee that it wasn’t a pen. Class."

A fourth had a different view though, writing: "Of course I respect Ronaldo for this, but let's be honest. If this is Ronaldo in a decisive CL game, he is bouncing the ball at the penalty spot."

A fifth user claimed: "The most humble, most talented, most technically gifted player in the history of the game."

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

The scenes evoked memories of Miroslav Klose's fair play moment back in 2012. The former Germany striker was playing for Lazio against Napoli and scored early on.

However, Klose had actually scored using his hand and communicated this to the referee, who disallowed the goal and received recognition from the opposition.

Featured Image Credit: SSC

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