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Man Who Finished Last In Fantasy Football Had To Cover Himself In Peanut Butter At Dog Park

Man Who Finished Last In Fantasy Football Had To Cover Himself In Peanut Butter At Dog Park

We all know someone like Steven Shrout, the unsuspecting guy who jumps head first into a Fantasy Football League without any sort of idea what's going on.

The 25-year-old, who was part of a NFL league in Dallas, finished the season rock bottom thanks to a lack of judgement, among other things

He failed miserably in his half-hearted attempts and as a hilarious forfeit, paid the price for his dismal preparation.


Shrout was given the option of either covering his entire body with peanut butter inside a Dog Park in Deep Ellum, Dallas, or paying $250 to get out of the punishment.

For some odd reason he decided to perform the stunt that left him surrounded by dogs.

As you can imagine, the reaction from people around him was sheer bemusement.

Footage of the incident soon emerged online and well, it might just be the strangest forfeit of all time.

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"There was a couple who walked by me down the sidewalk, they both said 'EWW' and walked by so fast after that," Shrout said via USAtoday.

"A lot of them just wondered what I was doing, and then when I said I lost a bet, they all laughed."

He blamed drafting Le'Veon Bell, who didn't feature for the Steelers throughout the entire season, for his lack of points.


It was also Shrout's first year as a Fantasy Football player, so we might just let him off for his efforts.

"It was my first year, and I didn't do any kind of studying at first. I just kind of jumped in," he admitted.

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