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Fans Accuse Spurs Of Using 'Fake Chants' To Increase Noise Levels At New Stadium

Fans Accuse Spurs Of Using 'Fake Chants' To Increase Noise Levels At New Stadium

A clip has emerged online.

Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare

Tottenham Hotspur have been accused by fans of playing 'fake chants' over the PA system at their new 60,000+ seater stadium to increase atmosphere.

"Come on you Spurs!" can be heard in the clip, posted by an Arsenal fan ahead of Spurs' home fixture against West Ham, in the empty stadium.

People have since suggested that the club are trying to improve noise levels after Twitter user GoonerNick posted the following video.

"Spurs need fake chants to make it sound better. At least when we are quiet we don't have fake chants" he said.

We must reiterate that this is just fan speculation and there is no proof to back up the below claims.

Spurs suffered defeat for the first at their new stadium against a resilient West Ham side, who eventually broke Pochettino's side down when Michail Antonio found the back of the net in the 67th minute.

It was a deserved victory for Manuel Pellegrini's team as they currently sit in 11th place, ahead of the likes of Crystal Palace, Newcastle and Bournemouth.

Going back to the 'fake chants' subject, this isn't the first time Spurs have been accused of using speakers to improve atmosphere at games.

The club were accused of creating 'artificial' atmosphere with a drum beat when they first moved into Wembley Stadium to enhance noise levels.

Many Twitter users commented about the drum sound effects ahead of a fixture against Chelsea in 2017.

An image later emerged on social media appearing to show a fan with a drum hooked up to a microphone.

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