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A Tweet Comparing The Broadcast Colours Of Premier League And Serie A Goes Viral

A Tweet Comparing The Broadcast Colours Of Premier League And Serie A Goes Viral

It's got plenty of people talking.

Nasir Jabbar

Nasir Jabbar

The grass is greener in the Premier League. Quite literally through the television broadcast.

Ever noticed how the colour looks different between Premier League and European games on TV?

We've all thought it but shout out to @finalthrd whose brought it to our attention with an eye-opening post on Twitter which has gone viral, racking up thousands of Retweets and Likes.

The user has uploaded two pictures side-to-side.

On the left, a match from the Premier League and, on the right, a fixture from Italy's Serie A.

Why is this?

Well, @finalthrd continues by claiming:

"to those asking why, the PL probably does some combination of the following things - modifies the source feed color - has higher quality stadium cameras - has more visually pleasing grass no matter what it is, other leagues need to take note."

The thread sent social media into overdrive. Here's some reaction:

La Liga even wanted greener grass for more appealing television broadcast.

Borja Gonzalez, stadium business manager at Athletic Bilbao, said the following in 2016 about Spain's broadcast.

"You see La Liga and sometimes the light is good, sometimes not; some grass is green, some grass is yellow. The problem is, it's not consistent," he said.

"For us, it's very important that when someone watches a football game, they know it's La Liga no matter which team is playing.

"It's going to take another year, but we will get there."

This is one of the many reasons why England's top flight is so popular.

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