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Mason Greenwood And Phil Foden 'Paid Icelandic Hotel Worker', Tried To Bring Four Girls In

Mason Greenwood And Phil Foden 'Paid Icelandic Hotel Worker', Tried To Bring Four Girls In

Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden are reported to have paid an Icelandic hotel worker in order to sneak two girls into their hotel room.

According to The Sun, the duo required the help of an employee at the hotel in Reykjavík and provided a "generous" tip for the worker's co-operation.

A source told the newspaper: "They were very keen to meet the women and needed help from an employee, who received a very generous tip.


"There cannot be any doubt they knew what they did was wrong. All the rules had been drummed into them.

"There was less security than usual travelling as no fans were allowed in the stadium and the players took advantage of that."

It's also said that an England physio was the one caught them and he stopped them from having breakfast with the rest of the squad - which could have brought about a potential suspension for the Denmark fixture.


Another report from the Daily Mail states that Greenwood and Foden had initially tried to bring "at least" four girls into their hotel room.

20-year-old Model Nadia Sif Lindal Gunnarsdottir and her 19-year-old cousin Lara Clausen both ended up in the hotel room and have talked about how the pair were "perfect gentlemen".

Nadia said she had been speaking to Manchester United star Greenwood "for a couple of days" before he and the rest of the England squad arrived in Iceland's capital, but claims she didn't know they were footballers.

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Gareth Southgate Reacts To Mason Greenwood And Phil Foden's COVID Breach

Gareth Southgate Reacts To Mason Greenwood And Phil Foden's COVID Breach

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She said: "We didn't even know who Phil was. I asked Phil who he was. I'm not that much into football. I don't watch football at all. We didn't even know that Mason played for Man United.

"We haven't spoken to them since. We don't want to interrupt them because they are of course going through a lot right now. They haven't contacted us.

"They were nice guys. Really, really nice."


However, she did not go the hotel, saying: "I didn't meet them. I'm not one of the girls who went to the hotel."

Both Foden and Greenwood have issued statements apologising for their behaviour but are "likely" to be omitted from the squad for games in October.

England boss Gareth Southgate again commented on the matter last night and sounded even angrier about the whole ordeal.


"I have spoken to both of them, as I said yesterday, they know what happened was unacceptable on a COVID basis, but as I've learned more details, it was unacceptable on any basis," Southgate said after the 0-0 draw with Denmark.

"Either way they would have gone home."

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