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Micah Richards revealed he gets his haircut three times a week and pays £200 each time, Thierry Henry was baffled

Micah Richards revealed he gets his haircut three times a week and pays £200 each time, Thierry Henry was baffled

Micah Richards has revealed he typically spends £600 each week on haircuts.

Micah Richards has revealed he gets three haircuts a week and pays £200 each time.

The former Manchester City and England defender is regularly on TV screens with Sky Sports, BBC and CBS and takes great pride in his appearance.

And it means that he constantly needs his trim fresh and faded for whenever he's providing punditry.

Richards was asked whether he has a better haircut than AC Milan star Olivier Giroud's on an entertaining CBS 'Golazo' show on Tuesday night.

A side-by-side shot of the pair was shown and Jamie Carragher proceeded to ask his colleague how often he gets his hair cut.

He then replied, "Three times a week". That prompted a shocked reaction from Thierry Henry, who of course needn't book in for any appointments these days.

"WHAT?!" Henry said, before presenter Kate Abdo revealed that Richards flew his barber out to Qatar for the World Cup.

Richards defended his routine, saying, "I've got to look fly!" and further discussed how much he pays.

He explained: "What does my barber cost? £200 a time yeah. When I say the most, like I'll get a trim tomorrow for the Champions League and I'm working the weekend so I'll get a trim. I did it today. I've got to get a sharpen up tomorrow."

With Richards on a rate of two haircuts in two days, Carragher joked that "[Lionel] Messi hasn't even got a goal ratio like that!".

Richards confirmed he pays the fee for a cut, not his employers but reckons he should be putting it through expenses and claims "when you look good you are able to perform."

Image: Alamy
Image: Alamy

Those behind the scenes at CBS worked out that the 34-year-old was spending £31,000 on haircuts each year, though Richards disputed that as he claims the season doesn't last 52 weeks.

But even half of that would mean Richards is still splashing out £15,000. He tried to turn the tables on Abdo by asking how much her Fendi attire cost but after Carragher reminded viewers that the ex Aston Villa skipper once spent £80,000 in one night, he refused to disclose how much he paid for his suit.

'Big Meeks' is really living up to his name...

Featured Image Credit: CBS Sports

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