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The best free kick of Lionel Messi's career even left him speechless

The best free kick of Lionel Messi's career even left him speechless

Messi has scored plenty of free kicks in his career and you'd think he'd be quite relaxed about it, but even he can be impressed by himself.

Lionel Messi once scored such a perfect free kick that even he couldn't quite believe how good it was, looking very impressed with himself.

There's very little Messi hasn't done with a football throughout his career, even if his current form suggests he's got a lot more left to do.

The PSG forward's highlights from October alone show that he has no desire to slow down, and are a warning to the rest of the teams at the World Cup.

Argentina's chances in Qatar will likely rest on his shoulders once again, which is why they would have been nervy after a recent injury scare.

He ended his international trophy hoodoo in summer 2021, when he led Argentina to the Copa America title, beating Brazil in the final.

The former Barcelona star has scored 90 times for his country, in 164 appearances, but one of those goals stands out for even surprising him.

In a game vs USMNT back in 2016, Messi converted arguably his greatest free-kick on the international stage, picking out the top corner with a gorgeous strike from distance.

He curled a 'reverse' hit into the top corner, showcasing his elite technique that had a fully-extended Brad Guzan scrambling in net.

One Twitter user wrote: "Yes it is, arguably one of the best in history. Reverse ball to the top corner from that distance and angle...perfect technique and execution"

A second tweeted: "The distance and the angle, undoubtedly the best 100%."

A third added: "To score from that angle is something really impossible."

A fourth commented: "You can't hit a more accurate ball than that. He even couldn't believe it."

The sensational goal also brought up a special landmark as Messi's free-kick against USA saw him surpass Gabriel Batistuta as Argentina's all-time leading goal-scorer.

Even the man himself knew he scored an outrageous goal, pulling a priceless expression as he wheeled away in celebration.

The 35-year-old's inspiring speech ahead of the Copa America final recently emerged, with the Argentine hero bearing his soul to inspire his fellow countrymen.

"Forty-five days without seeing the family and the kids," Messi said, with those words reminding us all how difficult it was for players whilst Covid was still so prominent.

"We had a goal and we are one step away from achieving it.

"There is no coincidence. This Cup was to be played in Argentina and god brought it here to make it more beautiful for everyone.

"Let's go out confident and calm and we'll take this one home."

Will he have some words of inspiration in a final in Qatar in seven weeks time?

Words by Nasir Jabbar and Ryan Sidle.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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