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Juventus now 'at risk' of being excluded from Europe after UEFA warning

Juventus now 'at risk' of being excluded from Europe after UEFA warning

The caution comes after Juventus were recently docked 10 points in Serie A.

The Union of European Football Associations has reportedly issued a warning to Juventus with the ultimatum that they either say farewell to the Super League or be ‘stung’ by the governing body.

According to journalist Giovanni Capuano, UEFA has given Massimiliano Allegri’s team a chance to withdraw from the Super League.

However, if Juventus decide not to “formalise a farewell” then action will be taken against the Italian team and they could find themselves excluded from European football for one year or more.

The news was reported via Capuano today (Friday, 26 May) who posted it via Twitter.

The translation reads: “New warning to Juventus: Either it comes to formalise the farewell to Superlega or it will be a sting.

“[Aleksander] Ceferin irritated, Barcelona who made a different choice despite being grappling with an ‘internal’ problem in La Liga and so on.”

The statement continues: “Once and for all: it is NOT normal for UEFA to think of using sport trials as a political weapon.

“It is NOT normal for the club (and consequently Italian football) not to be protected from unacceptable interference.”

Earlier this week, it was announced that Juventus had been docked 10 points in a new ruling by the Italian football federation.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, more penalties are due to follow as UEFA end their own investigation into the club in June, and a new FIGC trial will also take place.

UEFA has reportedly given Juventus an ultimatum. (
Fabio Fagiolini/Zuma Press/PA Images)

Furthermore, the publication states that UEFA could possibly punish the Italian team further for a breach of Fair Play rules and sporting probity, as well as a second breach of FFP regulations.

It’s said that new evidence proving that the Bianconeri fraudulently altered their balance sheets has come to light.

However, the European body is apparently willing to open a dialogue with Allegri’s squad as long as the club formally quit competing in the Super League.

It’s also alleged that if Juventus don’t withdraw then a negotiation to reduce the sentence will be denied and an exclusion from European football could follow.

As per Football Italia, the potential European ban would only begin once Juventus qualify for any of the Champions, Europa or Conference Leagues.

Following today’s report, fans have taken to social media to air their grievances.

One wrote: “Finally the truth comes out. This is the main reason why Super League will happen. Also destroying Juve by taking points [from] Serie A is a political decision.”

Another asked: “Has the same warning been sent to Barcelona and Real Madrid?”

A third tweeted: “As if Juve could win this, UEFA intentionally pick on Juve because they are the weakest among all the SL founders… You know, UEFA is trying to dismantle them bit by bit starting from the easiest ones.”

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