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Former Manchester City Player Involved In Vicious Late Night Street Brawl

Former Manchester City Player Involved In Vicious Late Night Street Brawl

The incident occurred outside a chip shop in Scotland.

A former Manchester City, Brentford and Aberdeen player has been involved in a late night scrap outside a chip shop in Aberdeen. Check out the footage below, strong language is used throughout.

The player in question is defender, Shay Logan, who made 294 appearances for Aberdeen between 2014 and 2021 and still resides in the city whilst playing for Scottish Championship outfit, Cove Rangers. 

Footage of 34-year-old Logan emerged online, showing the defender exchanging blows in a heated brawl with another man. 

The video shows Logan landing a string of punches on the man who ended up on his knees in order to defend himself. 

A small group of witnesses gathered as the scrap continued into the middle of the road, a man eventually jumped in and separated the pair before things got out of hand. 

In the footage, Logan’s name was mentioned a few times as people watched in shock.


It remains uncertain what started the fight or what happened in the aftermath of the scrap but the former City man took to social media and posted a video on his Instagram, purposely showing off both sides of his face, with a caption that said: “Chat s**t get banged”, a famous quote by Leicester City’s star striker Jamie Vardy

Logan has been a magnet for controversy since he made the move to Scotland. 

Back in 2020, Logan, who is also a part time plumber was playing for Aberdeen at the time, and was investigated by the club after he hurled abuse at another plumber. 

One of the messages sent by Logan said: “I've lived a life you can only dream of due to my career, P.S you're a c**t.” 

The recipient of Logan’s abuse sent snaps of the explicit messages to his club, asking the club: “Aberdeen FC, is this acceptable from a senior player or any of your staff at the club on how to speak to AFC fans?” 

It is not known whether Logan was punished by Aberdeen. 

Logan made the headlines in 2019 when he dressed up as Celtic legend Scott Brown for his stag do in Tenerife

He and Brown had their fair share of scraps whilst facing each other in the Scottish Premiership but Logan sparked more controversy as he posted the picture on his Instagram. 

He said: “Stag do or not I'm still a f****** DON” 

Logan never made it at City, having only ever made one appearance for the club before being moved onto Brentford in 2011. 

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@shay2914

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