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Ronaldo Nazario Says World Cup Every Two Years Would Be 'Amazing', Lionel Messi And Cristiano Ronaldo Would Back It

Ronaldo Nazario Says World Cup Every Two Years Would Be 'Amazing', Lionel Messi And Cristiano Ronaldo Would Back It

The two-time World Cup winner thinks the proposals are something to be celebrated.

James Aldred

James Aldred

Former World Cup winner Ronaldo Nazário has voiced his support for Arsene Wenger's controversial plan to stage the tournament every two years.

Speaking at a FIFA media conference, the Brazilian legend praised the proposals and said they will be welcomed by the best players in the world.

"It's a new opportunity for new countries to have a chance, to fight for qualification," the 44 year old said. "Every two years is amazing.

And of course, if you ask Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo if they would love to have more opportunities to win the World Cup, I'm sure they'd say yes."

Wenger's suggestions have divided opinion throughout the footballing world.

The European Leagues Group, whose 37 members include the Premier League, Serie A and the Bundesliga, released a statement on Thursday to say they wholeheartedly reject the plans.

Image Credit- PA Images
Image Credit- PA Images

"The leagues have firmly and unanimously opposed any proposals to organise the FIFA World Cup every two years," the statement read, as quoted by This Is Anfield.

"The leagues will work together with the other stakeholders to prevent football governing bodies taking unilateral decisions that will harm domestic football which is the foundation of our industry and of utmost importance for clubs, players and fans across Europe and the world.

New competitions, revamped competitions or expanded competitions for club and national team football both at continental and/or at global level are not the solutions to the current problems of our game in an already congested calendar."

However, former England cricketer and talkSPORT pundit Darren Gough agrees with Ronaldo's sentiments and thinks a World Cup every two years is a good idea.

"I don't have a problem with it," Gough said earlier this week. "If you look at The Ashes, that's every two years. That's a huge sporting event. You look at the Ryder Cup, that's every two years- it's absolutely huge.

Football keeps changing all the time. The Premier League was brought in, people said 'that wouldn't work' and it has worked, hasn't it? Every idea that comes out people will voice against it to start with.

Having been a player who missed a World Cup as I was coming back from an injury... this is an opportunity for footballers to play at the highest level, in a World Cup. You know you have a window as an elite player, your window might be five years. So you could end up playing in just one World Cup- is that the way it should be?"

Further details about Wenger's proposals are set to be revealed next week.

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