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Sheikh Jassim has already set his sights on another Premier League club as Man Utd 'off the market’

Sheikh Jassim has already set his sights on another Premier League club as Man Utd 'off the market’

It's reported that the Qatari banker is 'interested' in purchasing another Premier League giant

Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani reportedly has his sights set on another Premier League club, following the news that the Glazers are allegedly taking Manchester United ‘off’ the market.

The Qatari has now submitted up to five bids for United, with the most recent proposal being worth around £5 billion.

However, the American family - who own 69% of the club - have refused to commit to a sale and have left Sheik Jassim as well as his main rival, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, ‘frustrated’.

It’s reported that the Glazers were originally looking for offers in the region of £6bn. Now, however, claims state that the owners are after a staggering £10 billion.

Fans of the Red Devils have long speculated that the lack of commitment could lead to the sale eventually collapsing - which is exactly what has happened, according to MailOnline.

It seems that despite the £5 billion bid, the family are taking United off the market, with a source close to the family telling the publication: “The Glazers are thick-skinned and won’t be influenced by any negative fan reactions.”

Instead, it’s thought that the Americans will now look to sell the North West club again in 2025. This is allegedly because the value of the club is expected to increase while ‘environmental factors may attract more bidders’.

The Glazers are reportedly looking for £10 billion to sell Manchester United.

While Sheik Jassim may not be able to get his hands on United, it has previously been reported that he has his eyes on another Premier League club - Tottenham Hotspur.

Back in June, ESPN journalist Mark Ogden reported that the Qatari man was ‘weighing up a move’ for Spurs should the United bid fail.

Speaking to The United Stand, he said: "They want the Premier League footprint. Somebody told me recently, they said that if the Qataris don't buy Man United, they'll be back and they might end up buying Tottenham.

“He said, look, if you've got Manchester City owned by Abu Dhabi, you've got Newcastle owned by Saudi Arabia, if Qataris maybe buy Tottenham, then you've got three clubs who can pull away."

However, the banker may have some competition. Earlier this year, it was reported that New York-based MSP Sports Capital was ‘close’ to a deal with Spurs while in July, it was alleged that rapper Jay-Z wanted to purchase the club.

The rapper - real name Shawn Corey Carter - is already an investor in the NBA basketball team, the Brooklyn Nets, and said back in 2010 that if the ‘right opportunity presented itself’ he may dive into the ‘business of soccer’.

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