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FIFA 22 Free Kick Guide: How To Perfect Set Pieces

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FIFA 22 Free Kick Guide: How To Perfect Set Pieces

FIFA 22 is well and truly underway and just like any FIFA, scoring goals is vital. Set pieces can provide you a wonderful way of scoring goals when least expected.

In this free kick guide, you will learn to master the art of the set piece on FIFA 22 and can start scoring goals for fun from outside the box.

You can use these set piece methods to score winning goals in late game drama or to punish your opponent for fouling you in a dangerous area.

Free kicks are an aspect of the game where your average player may not feel comfortable or confident that they will score, but the great players will be disappointed they haven’t scored. The average player hasn’t bothered to learn, and it shows. Learning to master the art of the free kick can help you develop from an average player into a very good player in a short period of time.


FIFA 22 players guides:

Where to start?

The arena. The arena is an underused mode in nearly every FIFA. Before jumping straight into an online or single player game to test out these set piece methods, you should head into the arena and practice with the player you will be taking free kicks with on your Ultimate Team. This is where you can get used to the power and accuracy required to hit the perfect free kick.


After testing it out in arena, you’ll want to head into Ultimate Team/Career Mode or Pro Clubs – whatever game mode you prioritise. When you’re in your game and you’ve won a free kick, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have selected your best free kick taker.

Once you’ve earned a free kick, you’ll need to hit R2/RT to select the taker. The stats will then pop up next to the name of the players who you can choose from to take the free kick. The stats that matter most when selecting your taker are shot power, free kick accuracy, long shots, curve and composure. Your in-game selection should be based off the player with the highest FKA (free kick accuracy). 

Now, there are different types of players who will have different free kick styles and therefore you may want to approach them differently. However, most free kicks that are 20-25 yards can be taken advantage of with a player with great FKA and curve.

Top spin


In the image below, FIFA YouTuber, Zelonius, explains where you want your circle to aim. In this case he is using Lionel Messi who is left footed but when using top spin either left or right footed players would work well.

Aim the circle slightly above the crossbar to maximise goalscoring potential ( 1)
Aim the circle slightly above the crossbar to maximise goalscoring potential ( 1)

The amount of power recommended is about two bars long. That should be enough to get the ball up and over the wall but also enough to get it down using the top spin.

Once your player begins to run up to the ball you can take a risk to perfect the free kick by pressing the shoot button again just as it looks like your player is about to strike the ball. This can be difficult and not worth the risk because if you mistime it, it can send your free kick off target but if timed perfectly it can almost guarantee a goal.


More FIFA 22 guides:

Multiple different spins on the ball

There are four different types of spin you can apply to the ball. Top spin, side spin, mixed and a knuckle ball. The two you need to focus your attention on is the top spin, which was explained earlier, but also the knuckle ball. The most used will be top spin and can be applied to most free kick takers, however, you may want to hit a knuckle ball with players who have more shot power – for example, Cristiano Ronaldo. As you line up to take the free kick, the game will show you how to toggle the different types of spin and how to perform them.


The knuckle ball

We’ve explained the top spin, but the knuckle ball is equally as important to learn. To perform a knuckle ball, you’ll want to be 30-40 yards out and select a player with greater shot power. You will also want to put the aiming circle in the top corner and then immediately press the shoot button to lock the aim in place.

Give around two and a half to three bars of power and flick the right analog stick down, up and then hold it down to perform the knuckle. Then sit back and watch as your beautifully struck free kick fires into the top corner.

Featured Image Credit: FIFA 22

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