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5 Ways To Make Coins Fast On FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Alex Newton

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5 Ways To Make Coins Fast On FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 has arrived and there are numerous new game modes for fans to delve into, but by far the most popular is Ultimate Team.

The flagship mode on any new FIFA release since 2009 has more features than ever before to make coins and build your dream squad.

Without investing loads of yours or your parents' money, there are certainly ways to increase your coin balance quickly to help you get the players and packs you want the most.

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1) Complete Squad Building Challenges (aka SBCs)

Squad Building Challenges are now an integral part of Ultimate Team. Over the year there are hundreds of SBC’s released and rewards ranging from players, packs, coins and cosmetics. While you’re not going to be completing every single SBC that comes out there are some starter ones that you should do as soon as you can.

The 'Lets Get Started' group gets you some players to fill out your squad and help with other challenges. From here move on to the League and Nation Basics group to get you some tradeable packs to open. Look out for tradeable rewards in SBC’s as anything you pack from these can be sold on the market to help boost your coin balance.

'Marquee Matchups' released once a week will reward you with five different tradeable packs. Strike gold with a high-rated player in here and you’ll see your coin tally fly up.

2) Earn Coin Boosts

Coin boosts are a great way at the start of any Ultimate Team year to start building your balance up quickly. Unlockable through completing objectives and earning XP towards seasonal objectives, these boosts give you additional coins on top of your match earnings.

They last between five and fifteen games and can give up to 1,000 extra coins per match. The best thing is they’re stackable, so get a few together at once, jump onto the pitch and you’ll have lots of coins to spend before you know it.

Make sure you check the prompter at the end of each match with how many games are left on your coin boost!

3) Learn how to trade well

This is the big one. If you can become good at trading, you will make coins quicker than ever before. The Ultimate Team market is ever-evolving, and players will rise and fall in value weekly, daily, and even hourly. Knowing when to buy low and sell high is the key to making the big bucks in Ultimate Team.

Keep a regular eye on which players are required for SBC solutions as these will be high in demand and selling at a premium for a short time. You can never go wrong by investing in 83 and up players knowing there will be SBC’s coming out with these requirements!

Start trading with small values and lower-rated players to learn the market and its patterns before you start moving to the higher-rated players worth more coins where you can make the big bucks! One quick tip is to look at players in promos and Team of the Week. The regular cards of the players will be out of packs throughout that week so will rise in price due to the lack of supply.

Don’t forget any player sale you make EA will take a 5% tax so make sure you account for this too!

4) Sell your unused consumables

Do you really need all those kits and stadiums in your club? How many managers are you realistically going to use? There may be some hidden gems in your club. Spend the time going through the consumables you don’t use and get them listed on the transfer market as soon as possible.

Check the going price and relist them until they sell. You may be tempted to quick sell these cards when you pack them too but you can make much more by listing them even if you sell them for their minimum amount. You’ll be surprised how many coins people are willing to pay to use their favourite club’s kits, badges and stadiums!

5) Complete objectives

Make sure you’re keeping a regular eye on the objectives tab in Ultimate Team. While some of these objectives will reward you with players there are also tradeable packs, coins and the previously mentioned coin boosts. You’ll complete some objectives by just playing games but make sure you collect your rewards from the objectives menu. New objectives are released every week so make sure you’re checking it as often as you can!

This guide should hopefully give you some pointers to raising your coin balance nice and quick to get the best squads and players as fast as you can. Good luck playing!

Featured Image Credit: EA Sports

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Alex Newton
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