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Soccer Saturday team reunite without 'most difficult' ex-colleague who got sacked for joke that went too far

Soccer Saturday team reunite without 'most difficult' ex-colleague who got sacked for joke that went too far

The Soccer Saturday team reunited but one former colleague missed out.

The Soccer Saturday team reunited without ‘most difficult’ former colleague after he was sacked for a joke that went too far.

This week, Soccer Saturday legend Chris ‘Kammy’ Kamara posted a picture of him along with Jeff Stelling, Tony Cottee, Phil Thompson, Alan McInally and producer Ian Condron as they enjoyed dinner together. Kamara wrote: “5 of the lads & the producer turned up. What a great night so far.”

However, former colleague Rodney Marsh was quick to comment on Kamara’s post, he wrote: “I must not be on the mailing list.”

Kammy replied: “Your a recluse Rodney.”

Speaking after his departure from the show, former presenter Stelling labelled Marsh as the most difficult colleague he had worked with.

He said on talkSPORT: “The worst colleague I’ve ever worked on screen with? Rodney Marsh.

“Ex of talkSPORT as well of course. But, you know, Rodney was a difficult so and so. And that was just what we wanted.”

After working on the show for 11 years, former Queens Park Rangers, Manchester City and England forward Marsh was sacked in 2005 after he made a joke about the devastating tsunamis that hit Thailand at the time.

Explaining his departure, Stelling said earlier in the year: “I had the most fantastic run on the show.

“I made the greatest mates and was paid well for one of the best jobs in the world. But the show was heading in a direction which meant it wasn’t quite the same. Even though I’d been there a long time, I felt some of my views weren’t considered at all. Every week I was fighting a battle. I got tired of fighting and it was making me ill.”

He added: “Eventually, I went to Sky’s management and said: ‘This is making me unwell. I’ve got to step away from it.’

“I wasn’t constantly at management’s door but one or two big decisions were made, and I can’t say what they were, and I wasn’t even consulted. That’s their right but I felt I’d been there so long that maybe I’d earned the right to be asked. It annoyed me and there were two occasions where they almost diametrically opposed my views. I was disregarded and the joy was sucked out of it.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty/Chris Kamara

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