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Arsenal fan claims they're owed an apology after new angle of Declan Rice 'handball'

Arsenal fan claims they're owed an apology after new angle of Declan Rice 'handball'

Rice was accused of handball in the build-up to West Ham's penalty, which completely changed the game, and fans aren't happy.

Arsenal fans think they've found the angle that proves that West Ham United's penalty should have been ruled out by VAR because of a Declan Rice 'handball.'

When the Premier League leaders went 2-0 up in just 10 minutes on Sunday it looked for certain that they would run away with an easy win.

The last time West Ham had played at the London Stadium they'd shipped five goals to Newcastle United and they'd also had to contend with a midweek game, whilst the Gunners rested up.

However, as the game went on, it was David Moyes' team who got stronger and, having drawn level with the league leaders, looked the most likely side to grab all three points.

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Gabriel Jesus and Martin Odegaard's goals were both moments of magic from the visitors, the first a really good team goal and the second a stunning finish.

And at that point only one side looked like they'd win but momentum really shifted when the hosts won a penalty in the 33rd minute, when Lucas Paqueta was brought down in the box by Gabriel.

VAR took a look and decided all was good in the world, however fans of the north London side are convinced that Rice handled the ball in the build up.

They believe a new angle 'proves' that the penalty should have been overturned, with the ball hitting the midfielder's hand when he challenged Thomas Partey.

"Oh crap. From the angle they showed this was not apparent," one fan exclaimed.

"Anyone saying by accident so no handball, his arm was out like his right one in the full movement and then he bought it in to cup and control ball forward, midfielders do it all the time on charge forward, so should have been obvious for VAR to check," argued another.

"Handball Anyday. Rice handled the ball. I saw it first time. The officials have VAR and an opportunity to see it again and again but for some reason, they 'didn't see it,'" said a third.

Blaming all officials, a fourth added, "All refs have been awful this season. A lot of inconsistency."

Another wasn't expecting an apology, replying, "3rd apology wouldn't be surprising. i think we can have more apologies than VAR calls going our way if we really try in the remaining games."

Apologies have been forthcoming from the Professional Game Match Officials Board, PGMOL, this season for blatant wrong calls.

Brighton received one just a week ago, after they somehow weren't awarded a penalty during their loss to fellow European spot chasing Tottenham Hotspur.

It's highly unlikely that Arsenal will get an apology for the 'handball,' considering it can't obviously be argued it wasn't an accidental handball.

As the the goal isn't directly scored from the handball, or in this case the penalty decision doesn't come directly from it, then it wouldn't be overturned.

Rice may be making his own apology soon enough though, with rumours that he'll be moving to Arsenal in the summer only boosted by him asking Martin Odegaard to sign a shirt after the game.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Twitter

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