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Dani Alves has had his first prison game of football since being arrested in Spain

Dani Alves has had his first prison game of football since being arrested in Spain

The former Barcelona star was arrested for sexual assault, to do with an incident in a nightclub in Spain and is currently being detained.

Dani Alves has played his first game of football in prison, after being arrested more than a week ago following accusations of sexual assault.

Alves was arrested more than a week ago, after being accused of sexual assault, made about the defender relating to an incident in a Barcelona nightclub at the end of last year.

The 39-year-old was sacked by Mexican club Pumas in the wake of the arrest and he is currently being detained in a prison outside of the city.

Former teammate, and manager, Xavi described his shock that the Brazilian, who was recently at the World Cup with his national team, had been arrested.

The former Spain international backtracked on anything that sounded like support for the former Juventus star, explaining that he didn't mean to ignore the victim.

Despite being there over a week now, Alves remains in Brians 2 Prison, located in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, just outside the city, although he is expected to appeal for bail.

Whilst he awaits being released, his time in prison so far has been described by Spanish outlet Marca, who say the right-back has played his first game of football.

There are limited details about the match, other than it took place on Thursday and, understandably, it was met with lots of interest from fellow inmates.

Alves played in the World Cup last month. Image: Alamy
Alves played in the World Cup last month. Image: Alamy

The rest of those in the jail wanted to see him play live on the prison yard, definitely not something many would have expected to ever see.

One man who was used to seeing the Brazilian in person, who already knew him before they became inmates together, was Ronaldinho's former bodyguard, Coutinho.

The man is also known to have been a security guard in some of the night clubs in the city of Barcelona, and knowing him might be why he's adapted in 'exemplary' manner to his life in prison so far.

Fellow former Barcelona star Ronaldinho had his own stint behind bars, when he was arrested in Paraguay back in April 2020.

The Ballon d'Or winner was said to be 'loved' by his fellow inmates after he played a futsal tournament with them and taught them all sorts of tricks with the ball.

After 32 days behind bars in South America, the 42-year-old turned his life around in just a short few months.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Alamy

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