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Antonio Conte spent ‘almost two hours’ scolding Richarlison in front of the Spurs squad

Antonio Conte spent ‘almost two hours’ scolding Richarlison in front of the Spurs squad

Former Spurs boss Antonio Conte was not happy with Richarlison's comments in front of the media.

Richarlison has claimed that former Spurs manager Antonio Conte spent "almost two hours" scolding him for comments made in front of the media.

Back in March, after Spurs' defeat to AC Milan in the Champions League, a frustrated Richarlison delivered an explosive post-match interview about his lack of playing time.

After the Brazilian forward was given just 20 minutes to impress at the San Siro, he said: "Let's see what [Conte] will say tomorrow, but there are no fools here either, I'm a professional, I work every day and I want to play. There are minutes left, time left.

“This season, excuse the word, it's been s***, because I don't have minutes, I suffered a little with the injury. But, when I enter the field, I give my life. I came from two games well, I think that's it, I think I should have played and I don't have to cry about it.”

Conte hit back at Richarlison's comments a day later, describing the former Everton forward as "selfish".

The Italian manager, who was sacked two weeks later after he delivered an explosive rant following Tottenham's draw with Southampton, also agreed about the player's so-called "s***" season.

"He said his season was s*** and he's right. His season has been not good," Conte said. "He had injuries, played and scored in the Champions League and then went to the World Cup and then had a serious injury.

"He's scored no goals for us. I think he was really honest to say his season was not good. His season has not finished yet. If he deserves to play I'll give him the opportunity.

"For the rest of the interview, I think he understood he made a mistake. When you speak of 'I' and not 'us' you are being selfish."

Image credit: Getty Images
Image credit: Getty Images

Conte went on to confirm that Richarlison apologised for his actions, although he failed to address the so-called "punishment" his player received afterwards.

Speaking to YouTube channel Que Papinho in a recent podcast, the Brazil international claims Conte "scolded" him in front of his teammates "for around two hours".

"I made a mistake for doing an interview saying I needed [game] time," he said, as translated by u/Ballelo.

"Later on, I apologised and said that he could punish me. He told me off to show he was the commandant. It's his way to deal with it. Almost two hours scolding me in front of everybody there."

Image credit: YouTube/Que Papinho
Image credit: YouTube/Que Papinho

Here's how fans have reacted to Richarlison's latest comments.

One said: "In terms of man management I don't think there's many managers worse than Conte. How are you going to pick on your £60m *new signing* infront of everyone? Not Richarlison's fault you were playing him out of position, Antonio."

Another wrote: "Conte undoubtedly a brilliant manager, but this style of management much like Mourinho is so outdated," while a third commented: "No wonder he lost the players."

A fourth added: "Richarlison 15 goal season incoming, i will be there."

As mentioned earlier, Conte was sacked later that month after just 16 months in charge of the North London club.

The 53-year-old, who was appointed Spurs manager in November 2021 following the sacking of Nuno Espirito Santo, ripped into the board and his players on Saturday 18 March following their 3-3 draw with Southampton.

Image credit: Getty Images
Image credit: Getty Images

His decision to publicly criticise the club in a press conference was met with fury. In fact, reports emerged suggesting a 'few players' wanted him to be sacked ahead of their Premier League game against Everton on April 3.

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Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Que Papinho - Getty

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