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FIFA 22 Online Career Mode: 8 Things We Want To See In FIFA 22

Robert Mann

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FIFA 22 Online Career Mode: 8 Things We Want To See In FIFA 22

After years of FIFA fans pleading with EA Sports to make Career Mode online-friendly, gamers may finally be getting what they have wished for.

Despite being a network play staple for many years, FIFA's Career Mode has never had such a feature - with fans continuously calling on EA to expand and develop the game's online offering.

But earlier this month, fans were sent into a frenzy after speculation of a potential 'online Career Mode' was hinted at in an Electronic Arts job listing.

FIFA's Career Mode has been a staple in the franchise for many years
FIFA's Career Mode has been a staple in the franchise for many years

Twitter fan page FIFA 21 News spotted the listing and the eye-catching part of the job description.

It reads: "As an Online Software Engineer, you will help build our networked play development team - whether that be in our online Career Mode, Ultimate Team, or core online systems and protocols.

"We are looking for engineers who enjoy prototyping and planning, adding amazing new features to an existing and beloved game, and improving existing code."

Despite the mention of online Career Mode, it still remains unclear if EA plan to have it included in FIFA 22.

EA will unveil its latest FIFA at EA Play on July 22 next month - with more information on the proposed online Career Mode likely to be announced.

What would you like to see implemented in this year's fan-favourite game mode? Let us know.

Here, we take a look at eight things we would love to see included.

1) Online transfer negotiations

We don't yet know how online Career Mode in FIFA 22 will work, especially considering that it's still nothing but a rumour.

However, if we're speculating, you and a friend - or friends - should be able to manage different teams, giving you the ability to buy and loan players from each other.

How cool would that be? Although, there could be a fair few disagreements along the way.

2) Player customisation

On FIFA 21, it is possible to edit some aspects of your squads' appearance in-game - though it is very limited.

As it stands, you can only edit what your team are wearing, for example, players' boots, shirt fit and sock height. It's as dull as it sounds, we know.

But this is where EA could do so much more with this feature - take their previous Journey game mode, for one.

Players were given the opportunity to edit the overall appearance of Alex Hunter - the game modes main protagonist - by changing his hairstyle and even giving him tattoos.

Considering Paul Pogba changes his hairstyle nearly every other week, Career Mode needing something similar to that is an absolute no-brainer.

3) Create your own club

Back when FIFA was on PlayStation 2, gamers were given the chance to create their own teams - but EA removed it without any warning.

Players have since been able to achieve this on PC, especially giving its modding abilities, however, it would be great to see this sort of functionality built into the game for consoles again.

Could we see some sort of creation centre return to FIFA again in the future? Let's hope so.

4) Stadium creation/customisation

On FIFA 21, players are able to customise an array of sections within their stadiums to make it stand out from the rest - and we desperately need to see this in Career Mode.

Because of its Ultimate Team inclusion, there is no excuse for EA not to extend this into Career Mode and give gamers the opportunity to play around with the stadiums, customising different elements.

Editing a stadium such as Old Trafford might prove tricky because of licensing issues, though.

But clubs with a generic stadium such as Town Park, for example, could do with a bit of TLC - and this feature would almost certainly fix that.

This is a given in FIFA 22, surely?

5) More licensed leagues

It's always nice to see more leagues being added to the game.

As always, though, there has been a lot of fans desperate to see teams from England's National League added to FIFA 22.

However, there is no information on whether they will be involved, despite gamers' pleas for them to make an appearance.

Could we see them added for this year? It's not too unrealistic and it very well could happen.

6) Managerial changes

One of the things that makes Football Manager so realistic is seeing different managers at different clubs.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we don't get to see this in Career Mode.

So, instead of crazy managerial scenarios, we just see the same old managers at the same old teams - season after season. Boring, right?

I mean, just imagine seeing Sean Dyche on the sidelines when taking on Barcelona in the Champions League final.

We know it's not realistic, but it certainly makes it a lot more interesting.

7) VAR

As controversial as VAR has been since its introduction, it's something that just has to feature in Career Mode later this year.

We already have real-life technologies in the game such as goal-line technology, so why not VAR?

Hopefully, it won't take quite as long to make a decision as it can sometimes in real life, and it will definitely cause some absolute carnage and heartbreak when it's used to deny a last-minute winner or leveller.

But especially for the licensed leagues and competitions where it's currently used right now, it would definitely make sense and be a nice touch to see it introduced in the game.

8) Icons

Career Mode would be an absolute game-changer if players were given the option to use all of the different icons in-game.

With most icons either coaching or acting as pundits, then what better feature would there be than to use them as a manager in Career Mode?

I mean, just how good would it be to have Thierry Henry on the sidelines and in press conferences for Arsenal?

It is currently possible to do it on FIFA 21 with the Soccer Aid team that's been added, however, this team is usually added late to the game.

Or if management doesn't suit, then picture this: David Beckham back at Old Trafford in a Manchester United kit. Beautiful, we know.

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Robert Mann
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