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John Fury claims former world heavyweight champion has agreed to fight him

John Fury claims former world heavyweight champion has agreed to fight him

Tyson Fury's dad has made plenty of threats to fight people but he's not fought since his last professional fight in 1995.

John Fury might have been involved in plenty of out of ring spats in recent years but the father of world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury hasn't been in the ring since 1995, it could soon change.

'Gypsy John' is well known for ending up in some sort of spat with either Tyson or Tommy's latest opponents, or someone connected to them.

The 58-year-old offered to fight Dillian Whyte's dad when the two sons were going head-to-head for Tyson's title in April 2022 at Wembley.

Probably his best rivalry comes with Tommy's former opponent Jake Paul, with the oldest of the Fury clan agreeing to a challenge from the 'Problem Child.'

The former boxer's issues with the YouTuber really started up when Tommy and Paul were first supposed to meet a couple of years ago, before the former had to back out with injury.

They conducted a press conference over Zoom, with Fury in the UK and his opponent still in the US, which led to John squaring up to a television screen, in some of the most hilarious scenes you'll see.

Gypsy John had 13 professional fights from 1987 to 1995 ending up with a record of eight wins, four losses and a draw before hanging up his gloves.

However, he's now claimed that former world heavyweight champions Mike Tyson has agreed to step inside the ring again to face him.

"I did say to him in the podcast [not yet released] me and you should do something and fight," Fury claimed to when talking about him meeting 'Iron Mike' in Saudi Arabia earlier this year.

"You know what he said? 'Yeah I would love that'. When he said that to me that is the highlight of my life.

"If I can get in the ring, punch-for-punch, whatever he wants to do if I get carried out or die on a stretcher that is my life completed.

"Because who is better than a man who meant a lot to me because I named my son after him. Tyson is the heavyweight king so I think the world of him.

"He is a great guy, a man's man with no bull**** and he has learned from his experiences knowing what people are now. He is a rough ride like me we have both learned a lot haven't we."

Tyson was in the Middle East to watch Tommy Fury. Image: Alamy
Tyson was in the Middle East to watch Tommy Fury. Image: Alamy

The former 'most dangerous man on the planet' is clearly a big fan of the work that the Furys do, having been in attendance to see Tommy's win over Paul.

He has also given his prediction to Tyson Fury's potential undisputed world heavyweight title fight with Oleksandr Usyk, claiming the Ukrainian wouldn't have enough for the British fighter.

Iron Mike hasn't been in the ring since he returned to action in an exhibition fight with Roy Jones Jr back in 2020, though there's been plenty of rumoured fights since.

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