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John Fury ACCEPTS Massive Fight Challenge: 'I Could Make Him Look Stupid'

John Fury ACCEPTS Massive Fight Challenge: 'I Could Make Him Look Stupid'

John Fury appears to have accepted the fight challenge.

​'Big' John Fury has ACCEPTED Jake Paul's boxing challenge, insisting he could 'make him look stupid' in a potential showdown.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer has turned his attention to John following the collapse of his fight against Tommy Fury last year.

Image: PA
Image: PA

'The Problem Child' has said he'd prefer to face the 57-year-old rather than his son, claiming it could be a bigger attraction. 

Image: PA
Image: PA

Well, John is not only up for fighting the 25-year-old American but ALSO his father as he issued a defiant response. 

"If a young man wants to pay me right enough I’ll get in with him," he told FreeBets. ​

"I’d like to start with Jake Paul. I could make him look stupid."

John added: "If he doesn’t want to fight my son, I will fight him. And I’ll fight his father."

Paul joked that he'd fight John and Tommy on the same night as he expressed his desire to meet the former boxer. 

"Dude, I think me versus John Fury is a bigger fight than me versus Tommy. I would love to fight John for sure," he explained.

"​Maybe it’s a two-for-one. I’d be down to fight Tommy for a couple of rounds and then fight John for a couple of rounds."​

Paul, who hasn't fought since his knockout of Tyron Woodley last December, is set to return to action in August.

The 5-0 boxer has been linked with a host of opponents having called out several former and current UFC stars. 

Not to mention John, who appears to be ready to step inside the ring with him.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Instagram

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