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Jake Paul doubles down on his excuses, claiming Tommy Fury has 'nothing to do' with the result

Jake Paul doubles down on his excuses, claiming Tommy Fury has 'nothing to do' with the result

Paul is not willing to admit that he was beaten by a better boxer and claims Fury had no say in his win because of Paul's illness.

Jake Paul has doubled down on his list of excuses for his loss to Tommy Fury, claiming the winner had 'nothing to do' with the outcome of their fight.

I've seen less hugging at a family reunion, which admittedly might say more about my family than it did the fight, as Fury defeated Paul last Sunday.

The American spent such a little amount of the eight rounds not boxing that the referee even stopped to ask if he even wanted to fight.

In one of the few punches that the 'Problem Child' did land, he caused himself more problems than his opponent, making contact with his own head, just like Fury's older brother Tyson.

Despite the YouTuber earning a knockdown late in the fight, everyone watching knew that it was the Love Islander who'd earned the win at the final bell.

He wasn't quite as sure, believing he'd earnt a rematch, and pointed out the fact that he'd earned two 10-8 rounds, thanks to a knockdown and a point taken off Fury, although the latter also happened to Paul.

Fans were not impressed with the list of excuses that the 26-year-old came up with on the night and he's now doubled down on them.

"Lots of reasons," Jake said when asked by brother Logan on the older sibling's podcast, "I was sick for four weeks out of this nine-week camp and the was travelling, jet-lagged for another week of that.

"That's what's p***ing me off the most, it had nothing to do with him, it had everything to do with me.

"He wasn't that great at all, I think Anderson [Silva] was tougher than him and I figured out that puzzle. He threw a lot of punches, that was his biggest thing."

Despite those digs, Paul was weirdly respectful about his opponent, adding, "He's definitely blossomed; he's an overnight superstar and it's great for him.

"He's a good kid and we had a bunch of respect for each other; we spoke in the locker room and he said let's do the rematch.

"He seems very level headed and down to earth. We talked a lot of s*** and did a great job promoting it but there was mutual respect there and we hugged.

"I have respect for the guy, that's the most beautiful thing about this sport. You can be arch-enemies and then find respect for each other after beating the s*** out of each other and going to war."

At least one way this was like a normal boxing fight, all the pre fight hatred disappeared as soon as they didn't have anything to promote...

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