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WWE fans left 'in tears' as Bray Wyatt's brother Bo opens up on crushing moment he found out about his death

WWE fans left 'in tears' as Bray Wyatt's brother Bo opens up on crushing moment he found out about his death

WWE fans were overcome with emotion after watching the documentary about the late Bray Wyatt on Peacock.

WWE fans have been left in tears after seeing Bray Wyatt's brother recalling the moment he passed away in hospital.

Wyatt, real name, Windham Rotunda, tragically died from a heart attack in August aged just 36.

He had previously contracted COVID-19, which exacerbated a pre-existing heart problem.

All those in the wrestling business were in a state of shock at his passing but Wyatt's incredible life and career has been celebrated with the release of a documentary titled 'Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal'.

Narrated by The Undertaker, the documentary pulls back the curtain on one of wrestling's greatest minds and features interviews from WWE superstar and his loved ones.

Younger sibling, Bo Dallas, real name, Taylor Rotunda, talked about the moment he was told that his brother had died.

He struggled to fight back the tears in recalling how he found out the wretched news but in the moment, he believes his brother gave him unexpected strength to hold his family up when they needed it.

Speaking in the biopic, Dallas said: "He said (the doctor) 'We've got bad news, he's gone.'

"Time slowed down, and I could see the reaction of everybody in the room. My mum and dad crumbling, my sister had her baby wrapped to her chest and she's fallen.

"I've never been so sad, but something in me, and I still to this day think it's Windham, something in me gave me the strength to hold them up. He gave me strength in a moment where I thought I would crumble."

Reacting to the tough segment, one fan wrote: "Bray Wyatt’s brother Bo talking about the moment when Bray passed away at the hospital & trying to stay strong for his family. This man is a blessing."

A second said: "I'm a whole grown man crying in my living room this hurt...."

A third added: "I cried my eyes out on this part man."

A fourth commented: "F**k man this is so sad. I need to watch this documentary but I know it’s going to be a tough watch."

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Image: Getty

Dallas' speech at Windham's funeral was featured in the documentary, which appeared to hint at the 33-year-old making a return to WWE.

He had been joining his brother's 'Fiend' character and performing as 'Uncle Howdy' prior Wyatt's illness leading to them both being taken off television.

The former NXT champion does still have a contract with WWE.

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