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"He used me"- Logan Paul slams journalist for allegedly filming 'fake documentary'

"He used me"- Logan Paul slams journalist for allegedly filming 'fake documentary'

Paul was involved in a heated debate with the Journalist.

WWE Superstar and influencer boxer Logan Paul has confronted a journalist for allegedly lying about filming a documentary on him for Apple TV.

Paul accuses journalist Graham Bensinger of manipulating him into believing he was filming an Apple documentary only to find the nearly hour-long video uploaded on his personal YouTube channel.

Bensinger had access to Paul's life for five months, with the documentary title rather fittingly named 'Five Months with Logan Paul' which was published on YouTube on the 28th of March.

In a rather heated debate on TMZ, the pair gave their sides of the story with Bensinger adamant he did nothing wrong.

Paul began: "I thought he had my best interests in line because I trusted this guy to do a profile on my life and I let him in for five months under the pretense that it was going to be a show on Apple TV and yesterday it aired on his YouTube channel.

"I have printed here hoards of emails from your team. I let you into my house on Christmas because I thought the show would go to Apple, but instead, you plastered it on your personal YouTube channel.

"I gave you archival footage of me and Jake when we were kids, nobody has seen that footage, what your deal with Apple didn't work out?

"Part of me believes Graham used me and my likeness to sell what he thinks would be a pilot because where are your other Apple episodes," Paul explained.

Bensinger was quick to defend himself despite being consistently interrupted by Paul, stating that he did in fact communicate the footage would be going on his YouTube channel to Paul's team.

"I told you where it was airing. Yes I did, I told your manager Jeff Levin, never was there any issue communicated to us about where it was airing," The journalist explained.

"The only issue that was ever communicated was that we should remove the crypto stuff."

Logan Paul in 'Five Months with Logan Paul'- Graham Bensinger
Logan Paul in 'Five Months with Logan Paul'- Graham Bensinger

Despite Bensinger's best attempts to justify his actions, Paul was quick to dismiss any of his defences also claiming Bensinger had lied about how he was going to edit the documentary.

"You lied to us on making me believe that you would keep the parts, or remove the parts that I trusted you with when I opened up to you on camera," Paul pleaded.

"It's so alarming to me that you don't seem to understand how that could be an issue."

Featured Image Credit: TMZ

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