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'That is untrue' - Logan Paul breaks silence after fans all say same thing about his WWE contract announcement post

'That is untrue' - Logan Paul breaks silence after fans all say same thing about his WWE contract announcement post

Logan Paul sent social media into a frenzy after eagle-eyed fans noticed an eerie similarity in his WWE contract announcement post.

YouTube star Logan Paul has responded to claims that he Photoshopped his announcement post confirming that he had re-signed with the WWE.

Paul stunned the world last June after he signed a contract with WWE, as he previously teamed up with The Miz to face Rey Mysterio and Dominik at WrestleMania 38.

The 28-year-old American star went on to face WWE champion Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel last November and Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 39 earlier this month.

Paul has impressed wrestling fans with his in-ring work and promo skills, despite holding a polarising reputation outside of WWE.

WWE confirmed that the YouTuber-turned-boxer has since signed a new multiyear deal with the company, with Paul also announcing the news on social media.

“Contract renewed @WWE,” he posted on Twitter on Monday, adding a picture of him holding a WWE folder alongside Triple H.

However, fans pointed out an eerie similarity between his most recent announcement picture alongside Triple H with his initial photo of when he signed for WWE.

The 2022 announcement of Paul signing for WWE had him posing alongside Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who stepped down as co-CEO and chairwoman in January after Vince McMahon’s return.

Paul could be seen wearing a blue jacket with a blue Prime bottle on the table in front of him in the 2022 announcement post.

However, the 2023 announcement photo does not feature Stephanie and has Triple H wearing the same clothes and doing an identical pose.

And Paul’s jacket and the Prime bottle have both been changed from blue to yellow, with fans widely accusing him of Photoshopping the photo.

Paul on Monday took to Twitter to deny that he had Photoshopped the picture, with the ‘Maverick’ claiming that the accusations are “untrue.”

“Some people are saying I photoshopped my new contract from the first time I signed with the WWE,” he tweeted.

“That is untrue. As you can see, my jacket is a different color, Stephanie McMahon is nowhere to be found, and Prime is a different flavor.”

WWE chief content officer Triple H, real name Paul Levesque, praised Paul for his impact in the wrestling world after the YouTube star inked a new deal.

Speaking to ESPN, he said: “Logan has just been a game-changer. I mean, he’s probably the most natural guy I have ever seen.

“It’s almost like he was made for this business. [...] Just being natural as far as talking and being on camera [...] he’s so good at that. And then his athleticism is just next level.

“[...] He's exactly the kind of guy that I look for as a WWE superstar. Whether he was an influencer or not, he’d be the kind of guy I’d look for as a superstar.”


Featured Image Credit: Logan Paul/Twitter

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