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Professional wrestler Britt Baker is also a dentist and owns her own practice

Jayden Collins

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Professional wrestler Britt Baker is also a dentist and owns her own practice

Professional wrestling and dentistry are probably two professions that don’t have too much in common.

One requires the performer to entertain thousands while being rough inside the ring.

The other requires one to be delicate while looking after their patient.

But for AEW superstar Britt Baker, the two professions are what make up her chaotic life.


She’s one of the biggest names in the rising wrestling company, a promotion that set out to be an alternative to WWE but is challenging it at the same time.

Baker was one of the wrestlers AEW invested in early, and it’s paid dividends as she’s one of the most popular in the company three years into her stint there.

And there’s no doubt why the company saw potential in her, she’s a hard worker who has improved her craft in the few years on global TV.


‘Hard worker’ is probably the best way to describe Britt Baker who has also studied incredibly hard and also gone through university and dental school to become a dentist.

Outside of wrestling, she’s opened up her own practice, and works three to four days a week on patients, all whilst flying around the country with AEW.

I guess having a dentist on your roster can be good for those wrestlers that cop knocked-out teeth from a stray punch.

It’s a double life that has seeped into her professional wrestling career with ‘DMD’ (Doctor of Medical Dentistry) becoming a common chant among the AEW fans.


Wrestling fans can be incredibly creative.

She’s a former AEW champion and a highly-respected dentist, and of course, working two highly stressful jobs can take its toll.

She told FoxSports Australia: “I still don’t know that it’s practical today, honestly, but even the very early stages - which was the hardest, in my opinion, because of the training.

“The education, the practice, the training to be anything when you really don’t know what you’re doing, and you’re learning the nuts and bolts, I think that’s the hardest and most frustrating part because that’s when you find the most failures.”


Despite being the number two wrestling company in the world, the show still garners viewerships in the millions every single week - at times beating WWE’s own shows.

The large fan base has even at times led to Baker getting some appointments from fans simply wanting to meet her.

She said: “First off it’s weird; these fans come in and they expect to see the character I play on TV. And I am Dr Britt Baker DMD, because there’s always a small piece of you that lives within your wrestling character, but it’s very different. I’m not going to cut promos on my patients in the dental chair, or put them in the Lockjaw.


“So it’s weird and it’s also a waste of my co-workers’ time and energy when patients are coming in to take a picture or sign an autograph; we’re there to work, we’re not there for a meet and greet.”

Featured Image Credit: AEW. Britt Baker/Instagram.

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Jayden Collins
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