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Ronnie O'Sullivan's Greatest Clearance Came In The 2012 World Final

Ronnie O'Sullivan's Greatest Clearance Came In The 2012 World Final

Ronnie O'Sullivan has more maximum breaks in tournament snooker than anyone else ever but his greatest ever clearance was just 92 back in 2012.

'Rocket's' most famous clearance is probably the maximum 147 break he made in an incredible five minutes and 20 seconds at the 1997 World Championships, in the first round.

It's a world record that hasn't been beaten in 23 years and is unlikely to be beaten anytime soon but if it's Ronnie's most famous break it isn't his best.

That came in the final of the World Championships, where else, in 2012 when he beat Ali Carter 18-11. At 3-3 O'Sullivan came to the table at 16-0 up, after a miss by his opponent, and even the commentator claims 'he'll do well to get above 20 from here though,' before he clears for a 4-3 lead.


Ronnie had taken an early two frame lead in the match before Carter hit back to make it 2-2, the pair then traded another two frames to make it 3-3.

The Londoner, who had beaten Carter in another World Championship final four years earlier, then knocked in his incredible break to retake the lead and from there he never looked back.

Carter fell four frames back after the 13th and would never be closer than that throughout the rest of the match, with Ronnie eventually winning 18-11 to claim his fourth world title.

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When Ronnie O'Sullivan Hit The Fastest Ever 147 Break

When Ronnie O'Sullivan Hit The Fastest Ever 147 Break

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The two Englishmen would meet again at the Worlds just two years ago and this time they were much closer, in fact far too close.

During the second round match O'Sullivan seemed to purposely bump shoulders with his opponent when crossing after missing a shot.

Carter went on to beat his rival 13-9 to the incident clearly didn't affect him.


O'Sullivan has failed to win a ranking tournament in a year and has dropped from first in the world to sixth and told Colin Murray's 52 podcast he hasn't done things right this year, saying, "This year I've done everything I shouldn't in snooker. Didn't practice, didn't play in enough tournaments, but I look back and don't regret one bit of it.

"Sometimes you've got to face what everybody thinks is the worst possible outcome to see if it's really that bad. Actually I've enjoyed this season more than I did the last one. Last year I won virtually every tournament I played in, but I've had more fun this year."

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