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How Much John Cena Earns A Year Revealed

How Much John Cena Earns A Year Revealed

It would be fair to say that John Cena divides opinion, as does his trade in all fairness, you either love Cena (or WWE) or you hate him/think he's (it's) childish. But whatever your view there's no doubt that Cena is box-office and that's reflected in his earnings...

Cena has been a main-card wrestler for WWE pretty much since the company changed from confusing people with wildlife conservation back in the spring of 2002 and ever since his debut full of 'ruthless aggression' the 15 time world champion has been headline news in sports entertainment.

At the back end of last year Cena took his first break from the company outside of injuries since, well since he joined, however with bonuses and his cut of t-shirts sold the 'face that runs the place' still earned himself up to $10 million!

John Cena
John Cena

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The 38 year-old has recently returned from a break, which wasn't even that long to be honest, after losing the US Title to Alberto del Rio but is once again out with an injury following surgery to his shoulder.

Cena put in a hell of a lot of work defending his US Title, that he won at Wrestlemania, during 2015 as well as being part of the usual ppv defences he also put it on the line every week on Raw. On top of that Cena was involved in some huge matches and continued his amazing work with the Make a Wish foundation.

You might not be a fan of Cena's work but there's no doubt he deserves his place as the top earner in the company!

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