British Strongman Eddie Hall Reveals The One Man He Won't Ever Take On

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British Strongman Eddie Hall Reveals The One Man He Won't Ever Take On

You'd think being over 30 stone in weight (it's all muscle by the way) would make you pretty fearless in the face of absolutely anyone. After all, who'd want to mess with you?

Eddie 'The Beast' Hall is Britain's strongest man, and this week will compete in the finals of the World's Strongest Man competition. He's also got a good chance of winning it - last year he came third, and that was with a broken hand!

"I'm the strongest I've ever been," he tells LADbible. "I'm the fittest I've ever been and have another year's experience, so I'm coming in more prepared. In my mind, I'm the strongest man on the planet - I've just got to go and prove it."


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Last year he dislocated two of his fingers in a familiarisation event before the competition. "I picked a barrel up very awkwardly," he adds, "and ended up dislocating two fingers. When I got back, I had all the MRI scans and the ligaments in my fingers had completely detached."

Again, he came THIRD. With a broken hand. Incredible.

Doing that would make you feel invincible. His personal bests include a 500kg deadlift (world record), a 405kg squat, and a 100kg leg press (10 reps). Yet despite that, he still wouldn't go head-to-head with a certain boxer in the ring.


The 29-year-old, who supported Anthony Joshua in his recent fight against Wladimir Klitschko, said he's scared of the man who is likely to AJ's next opponent.

"I wouldn't mess with Tyson Fury in 100 years," Hall says. "I had a sparring bout with his cousin, Huey Fury, and he only hit me two or three times within a minute and I wanted to get the fuck out of the ring.

"When you go up against a pro boxer, even getting hit with a slight jab is like being hit full on in the face by a normal person.

"I'm pretty sure Tyson would fuck me up!"


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Despite the fact that Hall could probably walk into the ring, pick Fury up and throw him out, he reckons fitness levels may come into play.

"Everyday activities can be tough," he adds. "Sleeping is hard, getting up and getting dressed is very hard, travelling is hard. I'm over 30 stone in body weight - to travel to London on a train, walk through Euston and get a taxi is a lot of work for a 30-stone man.


"It's very tiring being this size. If you're not in the gym or eating, you're sleeping."

However, being that size does have its advantages, especially for his family. "I always win the 'my dad is bigger than your dad' argument," he jokes.

But how does he get to the size that he is? Put it this way, if you think you eat a lot right now, Hall certainly beats it.

"It's a pretty simple diet, a balanced diet," he says. "A good mix of proteins, fats and carbs. It's just four times the amount - if you have a bowl of porridge for breakfast, I'll have a bucket. Those are the kind of extremities you go to.


"You have steak and chips for dinner, I'll have two steaks and two portions of chips with a cheesecake for pudding. You've got to get the volume in there, not only to maintain the size but get bigger as well. I've never skipped leg day, not from day one."

The competition begins this weekend and has four days of heats before the final. But Hall remains confident of his chances.

"I'm going up against the giants of the world. At six-foot-three, I'm small," he says. "I've got a lot to prove. I've definitely talked the talk, now I've got to walk the walk.

"In the final, the events are pretty good for me; I should come out in the top three in the end. The ones I look forward to the most are the squat, the deadlift and the Viking press because, to me, I am unbeatable on those three events.

"And the others aren't that bad for me, so I'm confident."

The Truck Pull. Credit:

One of the events is the infamous truck pull - a simple one to train for, Hall suggests.

"How do you train for a truck pull? The quickest way is to go and get a truck and fucking pull it. That is exactly what I do."

This year's competition is held in Bostwana, just like last year, with temperatures averaging around 25C. 'The Beast' will be alone but this, he says, can help him zone out. Besides, he won't be entirely alone - he'll be competing with his biggest rival, the current World's Strongest Man, Brian Shaw.

"It's a pretty fierce rivalry," Hall explained. "But off camera we shake each other's hand, we eat together and we have a laugh. But when that whistle blows we are sworn enemies."

He may not be willing to tackle Tyson Fury head-on, but when it comes to the atlas stones, Hall knows he's more than a match for anyone.

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