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Gordon Ramsay finally tried KSI and Logan Paul's Prime drink, it's the legendary reaction we've all been waiting for

Gordon Ramsay finally tried KSI and Logan Paul's Prime drink, it's the legendary reaction we've all been waiting for

"Bro about to make [a] Kitchen Nightmares episode for Prime." Gordon Ramsay, as always, was in top form with his reaction to the drink.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay delivered a damning verdict on KSI and Logan Paul’s highly popular Prime energy drink after comparing the taste to “perfume.”

KSI and Paul set aside their rivalry and teamed up to launch Prime in 2022, which has since become an in-demand product in the UK.

The two YouTube stars even teamed up with Premier League side Arsenal to have their energy drink range available for matchdays at the Emirates.

Prime, which retails at £1.99 in the UK, has been stocked in both Asda and Aldi, but both supermarket chains have been met with an overwhelming demand.

KSI and Paul’s energy drinks have been targeted by scalpers and resold on at a higher price, with Prime even being charged upwards to a staggering £100.

Despite KSI and Paul’s legion of fans embarrassingly scrambling for Prime, not everyone has been convinced by the taste of the drink.

Step in multi-Michelin-starred chef Ramsay, who was asked to try a bottle of Prime on live radio for Heart Solent (watch it in the video player above).

The no-nonsense TV personality and restaurateur pulled no punches with his assessment, with Ramsay going on an incredibly savage rant.

“Okay, so that smells a bit high. Oh, Jesus, it’s like swallowing perfume,” Ramsay said.

Nigella Lawson could be receiving a bottle of Prime from Gordon Ramsay by the sound of things.
Heart Solent/TikTok

“What is that? I’ll send it to Nigella [Lawson] to cook her pork ribs in.

“Can you imagine giving that to a French sommelier with his big French conk? Yeah, it’s like the sort of dregs of a sort of Gino D’Acampo tiramisu.

“What would I give it out of 10? A zero.”

Unsurprisingly, fans were left in stitches at Ramsay’s remarks on Prime, with one fan suggesting he went ‘full Kitchen Nightmares’ on KSI and Paul’s energy drink.

“It’s a W [that] Gordon even tried it,” one TikTok user wrote.

Someone else commented: “Someone better put this on KSI’s Reddit. LOL.”


“This is perfect, if there’s someone to trust, it’s this guy,” another fan posted.

While a fourth added: “They won’t call him for Sidemen Hell’s Kitchen for sure now.”

And a fifth said: “Bro about to make [a] Kitchen Nightmares episode for Prime.”

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