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'Oh my God!' - KSI reacts to viral shopkeeper from TikTok who is reselling Prime for ludicrous prices

'Oh my God!' - KSI reacts to viral shopkeeper from TikTok who is reselling Prime for ludicrous prices

KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime drinks are available for £1.99, but scalpers are hoovering them up and reselling them amid a supply demand.

YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI shared a furious reaction on TikTok to the viral Wakey Wines shopkeeper who is reselling his highly popular Prime energy drinks.

KSI teamed up with fellow YouTube star Logan Paul to announce Prime in January last year after becoming business partners and putting an end to their feud.

The pair have seen their energy drink range fly off the shelves in the UK, with supermarket chain Asda struggling to keep up with the demand from consumers.

Prime, which is sold at £1.99 in the UK, arrived at Aldi in late December and the supermarket was met with the same obscene demand as Asda had for the drink.

Footage of fans embarrassing themselves trying to snag a bottle of Prime like it was the Holy Grail made the rounds on social media in the aftermath of Aldi selling it.

However, fans have found bottles of KSI and Paul’s Prime stocked up in independent UK shops and are being charged upwards of £10 a bottle.

A viral Wakefield off-licence, named Wakey Wines, has taken TikTok by storm after becoming synonymous with people travelling there for the egregiously priced Prime.

KSI took to his TikTok page and urged his fans to stop buying overpriced Prime drinks after reacting to a video from Wakey Wines.

Speaking in the video, which can be viewed above in the player, KSI said: “Oh my God, no!

“He can’t keep getting away with this! Stop buying it at these prices.”

KSI, who returns to the squared circle against FaZe Temperrr on 14th January, has also expressed his distaste at scalpers who are profiteering off Prime’s popularity.

“I don’t like the resale,” he told Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp.


“I hate the reselling so like even when Asda tried to up their prices to £2.50, I was tweeting them like ‘No, no, no. This is out of order. This isn’t Prime doing this. This is Asda.’

“And instantly they brought it back down to £2.”

Featured Image Credit: KSI/TikTok

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