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YouTuber Takes Vicious Body Kicks From Former UFC Champion In Viral Video, Suffers 'Crippling Pain'

YouTuber Takes Vicious Body Kicks From Former UFC Champion In Viral Video, Suffers 'Crippling Pain'


Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

Former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold dropped YouTuber Houston Jones while showing off the power of his kicks.

Rockhold joined Jones on his YouTube channel, which has 1.6 million subscribers, to showcase the strength of a professional fighter.

Jones also wanted to test his endurance by taking a kick to his liver. As you can imagine, it didn't end well.

The pair met up in Utah and Jones was immediately dropped by the 37-year-old.

You get the feeling it wasn't even a shot at full power. Don't tell Jones that though.

He then takes another two kicks for the sake of 'showing off technique' and is dropped again.

"Once you touch the liver, once it's hurt, it does not take much to get through it and penetrate it," Rockhold tells Jones.

"You know you've got him in the liver so you see the guy crumble and break and all you've got to do is touch it."

Jones has taken part in a number of bizarre activities based around pain and has even been tased on his YouTube show.

Surprisingly, he said he'd rather be tased again than feel the force of Rockford.

Rockhold in action against Jan Błachowicz. (Image

"I'd rather be tasered," he claimed. "It's a sharp pain that makes you keel over and wonder why this happened and what decisions you chose to get to this moment.

"You ask yourself 'where did I go wrong, and/or right?' Needless to say, I don't recommend it but that's why I'm here though, you're welcome."

Last year saw Jones take kicks to the hamstring from 'Wonderboy' Stephen Thompson.

Thompson is another former UFC champion and he inflicted pain so great, it turned Jones blue. Literally.

The 38-year-old predicted Jones 'wouldn't be able to walk' for a few weeks and to be fair, the prediction probably wasn't that far off.

Featured Image Credit: Houston Jones/YouTube

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