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Jake Paul leaks DMs from former UFC champion just before fight with Ryan Bourland

Jake Paul leaks DMs from former UFC champion just before fight with Ryan Bourland

Jake Paul has leaked direct messages with former UFC champion Sean Strickland.

Jake Paul has leaked his direct messages with former UFC champion Sean Strickland right before his next fight.

Paul takes to the boxing ring this weekend in Puerto Rico to face Ryan Bourland in his next professional fight.

However, he has taken all attention away from the bout by igniting a feud with Strickland.

The Problem Child has accused the former UFC champion of ducking a sparring session and sparked rumours that they could face each other in an MMA contest.

Paul made a verbal $1 million offer for Strickland to spar him at his gym in Puerto Rico, as per TalkSport.

He said: "Can you come next week? Any day works! Will send you a plane."

Strickland responded by saying he couldn't accept the offer but would be up for an official fight.

"I mute my Twitter just seen this... What about a real fight? I don't know if I can get the UFC on board but with their involvement, I think we can make it happen. Conor McGregor did it with Floyd Mayweather," he said.

However, the UFC are refusing to entertain talks over an official contest due to contract obligations.

Paul seems to think that Strickland is making up excuses because UFC contracts don't mention sparring contests.

"He's making up excuses, saying he's going to get sued by people. I feel bad for the guy," Paul said on his podcast.

"I see a very insecure, lost, wannabe, like, alpha male that's hiding behind the tough man complex. He needs a hug."

Strickland hasn't addressed the leaking of the messages but seemed very keen about an official fight and the paycheck that would come with it.

"I'm gonna to talk to Hunter about a fight. Man that is a big f***ing paycheck let me see what I can do," he wrote.

Featured Image Credit: Jake Paul

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