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​Amir Khan Tricked By His Wife In Hilarious £2 Million Prank

​Amir Khan Tricked By His Wife In Hilarious £2 Million Prank

When Amir Khan's wife made him believe she'd lost £2 million of the money.

Dom Smith

Dom Smith

Amir Khan was once led to believe he had lost £2 million in a hilarious prank from his own wife, Faryal Makhdoom.

The former Olympic silver-medallist was filmed as he reacted to his wife pretending to regret a banking mistake that was going to cost him £2 million. Makhdoom subsequently uploaded the video of the prank to YouTube. It is no surprise that it attracted more than half a million views.

The prank left Makhdoom acting utterly devasted with her head in her hands. Khan was obviously very angry and couldn't believe she had made such a costly mistake, after she had explained what had supposedly gone wrong.

"What the f*** do you do all day? From £20 to £2million you dumb f***. What is wrong with you Faryal? What the f***'s wrong with your head?" asked a livid Khan. The ex-light welterweight world champion was not taking the news well at all.

After he had calmed down a little, Khan asked his wife to phone Sam, who works for him presumably as an accountant. He said that Khan would only be able to transfer £10,000 a day. Khan was again left highly frustrated, remarking wryly that he'll "be dead by then!"

Makhdoom couldn't bear any longer to leave her husband fretting the loss of such a large sum of money. She slipped into conversation the statement: "By the way we pranked you... do you really think I'm going to transfer two million?"

Khan started smiling but said nothing. He wouldn't admit it, but he seemed speechless - and of course highly relieved. Makhdoom told Khan that cameras had caught the whole thing. Up on YouTube the whole thing went.

Amir Khan faces Kell Brook at Manchester Arena on 19 February next year in his first match for over two years.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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