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Angry Fans Boycott FIFA 21 By Tanking PlayStation 4 Metacritic Score

Angry Fans Boycott FIFA 21 By Tanking PlayStation 4 Metacritic Score

"You have no idea how bad it is," one fan wrote. FIFA 21's PlayStation 4 Metacritic page has already received over 300 bad user reviews.

Adnan Riaz

Adnan Riaz

Furious fans have expressed their dissatisfaction at EA Sports by tanking FIFA 21's user score on Metacritic.

EA Sports released the latest instalment through early access editions on 6th October before its fully fledged launch on 9th October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

And FIFA 21 has already seen a major boycott online, with the PlayStation 4 version of the title's Metacritic page sitting on a 1.1 score.

The 1.1 score is based on 316 ratings at the time of this writing, and fans wasted no time in venting their frustrations in their user-submitted reviews.

"Same game different year. Really lacking anything new that can be offered. Left intense longing," one user wrote.

And a second added: "Same as every year. Still Pay [sic] to win. I stay with fifa 19, but you could also stay with every other fifa, no need to buy a new one."



A third said: "Everything you've ever hated about Fifa is back plus more.. Scripting, Terrible [sic] defence, horrible passing, atrocious servers, gambling mechanisms are all as prevalent as ever but they added a new camera angle though."

While a fourth posted: "You have no idea how bad it is. Fast players blaze past the defender and you can't even touch the ball if you have a slow defender. If you get close to the striker, you foul him and give away a penalty. Slow players doesn't even have a place in FIFA because there's no use passing as scoring on counters and using skill stick is better than passing playing."

FIFA 21 is scheduled to launch at a later date on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Google Stadia.

EA Sports has confirmed that progress on certain modes in FIFA 21 will carry over from the current-generation consoles to next-gen consoles.

Featured Image Credit: EA Sports

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