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EA Sports Explain Why FIFA 21 Progress Will Not Carry Onto Next-Generation Consoles

EA Sports Explain Why FIFA 21 Progress Will Not Carry Onto Next-Generation Consoles

EA Sports have provided an explanation as to why only progress on specific FIFA 21 game modes will carry over to next-gen consoles.

By using 'Dual Entitlement', EA are essentially allowing a free upgrade so that PS4 players can play the game on PS5 - with the same applying to those who are moving from Xbox One to Xbox Series X when the new consoles arrive in November.

But while being able to transfer to and from consoles without any added cost is a great gesture on EA's part, it's only on select areas of the game.


Your Ultimate Team and all of the players, items and coins will move over, as will anything related to VOLTA Football. Yet frustratingly, it's bad news when it comes to Online Seasons, Co-Op Seasons, Career Mode, and Pro Clubs.

Instead, all the information and progress cannot be shifted so you'll have to start your venture with Leeds United all over again.

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FIFA executive producer Aaron McHardy explained to EuroGamer why EA came to that decision.

"When we start developing for a new generation of consoles, there's ultimately some trade-offs we need to make," a statement read.

FIFA 21: Five Key Changes For This Year's EA Sports Football Game

FIFA 21: Five Key Changes For This Year's EA Sports Football Game

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"So we decided that the time required to make all modes transferable was better used to build new features and improvements across the entire game, along with addressing feedback from our players.

"Since both Volta and FUT are server-based modes it made sense for us to focus on them as a way for players to carry over their progression."

Switching gears to Konami and PES, this year's game is a season update at a discounted price as the gaming company prioritise the next-gen consoles.

Switching to 'Unreal Engine', Konami are promising "more realistic player models and animations, enhanced physics, photorealistic visuals" and say next-gen testing will begin in mid 2021.

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