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Unseen Footage Emerges Of Abdu Rozik's Brutal Gesture Towards Hasbulla Magomedov Ahead Of UFC 267 Scrap

Unseen Footage Emerges Of Abdu Rozik's Brutal Gesture Towards Hasbulla Magomedov Ahead Of UFC 267 Scrap

Just when it seems fans had seen everything, new footage has emerged on social media of Abdu Rozik taunting Hasbulla Magomedov at UFC 267.

Abdu Rozik was spotted making repeated throat-slitting gestures at fierce rival Hasbulla Magomedov ahead of their heated altercation at UFC 267.

The Tajik singer, who is believed to be around 18 years old, was drafted into Dan Hooker’s camp for the UFC fighter’s clash with Islam Makhachev last month. 

Viral sensation Hasbulla also attended the UFC event in Abu Dhabi to cheer on close pal Islam, who defeated Hooker with a sensational first-round kimura submission.

Both Hasbulla and Rozik, who have been linked to compete in the so-called ‘Fight of the Century,’ saw their rivalry hit boiling point at UFC 267 with their cageside altercation.

Hasbulla, who is also believed to be 18 years old and suffers from dwarfism, managed to catch Rozik with a kick before the pair were separated.

However, footage has now emerged of Rozik taunting the Dagestan-born star ahead of their UFC 267 incident.

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Hasbulla posed for the video and appeared to be enjoying himself at cageside, but the Tajikistan native aimed repeated throat-slitting gestures at him in the background.

The Instagram and TikTok star eventually turned around and looked on at Rozik in the distance, with his rival continuing to taunt him.

Rozik, who suffered from rickets as a child and wasn’t treated for his condition due to financial difficulties of his parents, accused Hasbulla of running away from their UFC 267 scrap.

The Tajik social media star took a page out of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s book and told Hasbulla to “send me location.”

Hasbulla hit back with a brutal response on social media, with the pair’s rivalry continuing to escalate in the aftermath of UFC 267.

MMA fighter Asxab Tamaev, who was promoting the Fight of the Century, has claimed that UFC president Dana White is interested in hosting the Hasbulla vs Rozik fight.

Hasbulla Magomedov/Instagram

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White has since claimed that there is more than a zero per cent chance that Hasbulla could fight in the UFC, having met with him at UFC 267 at the Etihad Arena.

The UFC chief claimed that Mini Khabib’s father is “super protective” of him and might prevent Hasbulla from fighting in the UFC. 

Featured Image Credit: Hasbulla Magomedov/Twitter

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