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UFC boss Dana White received 'get me out of jail' text from one his fighters during 'crazy' incident

UFC boss Dana White received 'get me out of jail' text from one his fighters during 'crazy' incident

The UFC president received a message.

UFC president Dana White received a message from one of his fighters during a crazy incident which they thought would result in jail time.

White's been the promotion's head honcho for over two decades.

He has the respect of every fighter in the locker room, with some going as far as to consider him a friend.

The 54-year-old attempts to help wherever he can, although his phone blew up thanks to a string of unexpected messages earlier this month.

Top flyweight contender Maycee Barber hit the headlines after a woman in the street threatened to attack her.

Barber refrained from getting involved, although the entire exchange was recorded and posted online.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Barber admitted she considered messaging White for help if things got out of hand.

She said: "Dude, crazy lady that is drunk, I’m like one swing, I’m like 'I know Demi (Bagby, a close friend) could take her’ but I’m like ‘Uh-uh’ like don’t touch my people, right?" Barber said.

"I just wanted her to swing on Demi , I’m like- I was getting ready, I’m like ‘I’m gonna have to call Dana and explain to him why I’m going to jail because I had to lay this lady out.’ I literally have a text thread with Dana telling him that.

White has been UFC president since 2001. (

"I’m like ‘Dude, I thought I was gonna have to call you tonight and be like hey, come help me out, I need to get out of jail.'"

"I had my phone out recording, I'm cracking up because I think it’s hilarious.

"This lady’s like 'If you touch me, I'll bust your face.' And I was like, 'Oh, you don’t want to touch her, don’t touch her.' And then she’s like 'I'll beat both your mother-effing a**es' and I was like ‘Oh hell no.'"

Barber was prepared to send the message. (

Barber defeated Katlyn Cerminara at UFC 299 last month to take her record to 14-2.

The 25-year-old is hoping to become flyweight champion in the future. Manon Fiorot, who is currently second in the flyweight rankings, is open to facing Barber in her next fight.

She said: "To be honest, I never see a full fight of Maycee because it’s really boring.

"I think the first one against Katlyn Cerminara, I know she [won] the decision. She [did not have] a better performance than mine, and I [fought] with a big knee injury. So no, to be honest I don’t care, it’s easy fight for me to fight Maycee but only if it’s an interim belt or belt."

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