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Footage emerges of rooms from Qatar's World Cup tent village, fans are comparing it to Fyre Festival

Footage emerges of rooms from Qatar's World Cup tent village, fans are comparing it to Fyre Festival

"Looks quite nice, would only pay a fiver a night, though." The Fyre Festival-style accommodation for the World Cup doesn't look the best...

Fans are comparing rooms for the World Cup in Qatar to the infamous Fyre Festival after footage from a tent village made the rounds on social media.

World Cup host nation Qatar have been scrutinised over their appalling human rights record, discriminatory laws against LGBT+ folks and alleged bribery scandal.

Qatar are continuing preparations for FIFA’s celebrated international tournament, including accommodation for those who are attending the World Cup.

However, it seems fans are from convinced about what to expect for accommodation after footage from a tent was posted on Tuesday (check it out below).

During the tour (if it can be called that) for the room, the bare-bones tent featured two single beds separated by a small bedside cabinet.

The line of tents from the tent village made fans draw immediate comparisons with the disastrous Fyre Festival in 2017.

“Fyre Festival vibe,” one Twitter user simply said.

Someone else commented: “Looks quite nice, would only pay a fiver a night, though.”

A third person tweeted: “Someone’s been watching the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix.”

While a fourth added: “Makes my old college dorm look like [a] mansion compared to these.”

Fyre Festival was pitched as a high-end music festival, which was co-founded by con artist Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule, and was heavily promoted by influencers.

Fyre Festival, co-founded by Billy McFarland and Ja Rule, was an absolute disaster.

But the music event, which was hosted on Exuma in the Bahamas, never lived up to the sales pitch and ticket holders found the festival was plagued with various issues.

Becoming more widely known after Netflix’s Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened documentary in 2019, the sham festival was eventually cancelled.

Qatar are facing growing criticism over the accommodation set up for the World Cup, with one England fan spending around £120 per night at Fan Village Caravan City.

“Travelling on my own, the accommodation over there is really expensive… to make it worthwhile and stop somewhere decent I’ve taken a gamble and [I’m] stopping at caravan city in a caravan,” England fan Kevin Fitzgerald told the i newspaper.


“God knows what it’s like inside. I’ve seen some pictures and videos of [the caravan city].

“It seems to be all in place, there’s a big screen that seems to be on the site.”

Qatar will kick off the World Cup with their opening Group A clash against Ecuador on Sunday.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Alamy

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