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The bizarre reason behind Sergio Aguero calling out Eduardo Camavinga has been revealed

The bizarre reason behind Sergio Aguero calling out Eduardo Camavinga has been revealed

Aguero was involved in Argentina’s celebrations after their World Cup triumph

Many fans were left baffled after Sergio Aguero randomly called out France midfielder Eduardo Camavinga during Argentina’s World Cup celebrations.

A Lionel Messi-inspired Argentina were crowned kings of football at Qatar’s Lusail Stadium on Sunday evening after an enthralling final against France.

In what was an intensely dramatic affair full of ups and downs, it was Messi who had the last laugh as the South American champions came out victorious after winning the penalty shootout 4-2, having drawn 3-3 after 120 minutes of spectacular football.

Argentina legend Messi finally got his hands on the elusive golden World Cup trophy as he further cemented his status as the greatest footballer of all time.

After the match, as the Argentina squad celebrated their victory in the changing room. Former Manchester City and Barcelona striker Aguero was live streaming on Instagram and during his live broadcast, Aguero was heard calling out Real Madrid midfielder Camavinga.

“For Camavinga, that d***face”, said Aguero whilst he sipped on champagne.

Some fans took to social media to express their displeasure over Aguero disrespecting the 20-year-old Frenchman.

One said: “Lost all respect for Aguero after what he said about Camavinga.”

Another tweeted: “Such an unlikeable team. Aguero making fun of Camavinga. Martinez making fun of Mbappe. Just go celebrate the moment rather than making fun of kids. Weirdos.”

A third added: “Camavinga did absolutely nothing to provoke a reaction out of Aguero. He’s literally a 34-year-old man beefing with a 20-year-old. HOW EMBARRASSING.”

However, according to fans on Reddit, Aguero called out Camavinga as his name simply rhymed with the rude phrase that Aguero used and it was nothing more than wordplay.

After his call out, Aguero continued to celebrate with the Argentina team in what for sure would have been a party long into the night.

Aguero also paid tribute to Messi on Instagram, he wrote: “The best in the world, he has to take the World Cup. I love you my friend.”

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Instagram@kunaguero

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