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Super League could be brought back by Saudi Arabia and target Juventus and Barcelona to join them

Super League could be brought back by Saudi Arabia and target Juventus and Barcelona to join them

The Super League has looked to be revived before and now the Saudi Pro League teams could be leading the Champions League competition.

Teams from Saudi Arabia could be at the driving seat of a new Super League, and want to recruit Barcelona and Juventus into their plan.

It was April 2021 when the European Super League was announced somewhat out of the blue by some of the biggest teams in European football.

Teams such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, to name just a few, wanted to breakaway from UEFA and set up their own competition.

However those clubs didn't bank on dissention from the fans and quite quickly the six Premier League club started backing out of the competition and it soon collapsed.

Soon after Real, Barca and Juve were left as the only teams who still wanted to see their breakaway succeed and refused to back down.

President of the Catalan club Joan Laporta was still talking up the idea earlier this year, claiming that it would be up and running without English clubs by 2025.

Now it seems that those from the Premier League club could even be replaced by teams from Saudi Arabia, who are at the forefront of bringing the idea back.

According to Tuttosport, the Saudis want to set up a league and believe they can convince Barcelona and the Old Lady to join them.

The report also claims that UEFA are 'trembling' at the idea, no doubt with the obvious power and money that the PIF who own the Saudi Pro League's four biggest clubs currently wield.

Fans protest against the Super League. Image: Alamy
Fans protest against the Super League. Image: Alamy

Barcelona are in need of a boost in cash considering their well known financial problems over the past few years, which have hindered their transfer power.

They are also looking into alternatives to the Champions League considering the threat of being banned from UEFA competitions during the on going Negreira case.

The Old Lady are also facing their own potential ban from UEFA competitions, after having 10 points deducted from them by Serie A in the campaign that's just finished.

Florentino Perez might be gutted that Real aren't currently on the list of European teams, with Los Blancos' president at the forefront of the original tournament.

As well as claiming they were trying to 'save' football he also suggested that his club wouldn't be able to afford the biggest names in football without the league, which meant he could only spend £115 million on Jude Bellingham...

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Alamy

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