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Study Shows 46% Of 16-24-Year-Old's In UK Support More Than One Football Team

Study Shows 46% Of 16-24-Year-Old's In UK Support More Than One Football Team


It's still one of the most debated topics in football can you be a loyal supporter of two or more football clubs?

The idea of following a second or third team has become far more common in recent years, especially among the younger generation.

Whether you like it not, instead of following one club in general, millions of fans are watching and tracking the progress of their favourite player.

Image credit: Alamy
Image credit: Alamy

The debate among fans rages on. Do you think that supporting one team is nothing more than a human desire to categorise everything? Or do you swear by following a single club?

Well, a study by the guys over at COPA 90 will open your eyes to life as a modern day football fan.

(Warning: the following results may leave older readers in a state of shock).

They found that 46% of 16-24 year olds in the UK support at least two football clubs, while 27% support three or more teams.

In addition to the above, a massive 41% of 16-19 year old's support a team from La Liga.

It's clear that more football fans than ever are more interested in following their favourite players and Cristiano Ronaldo is a prime example of that statement.

It was revealed by website Tifo that Real Madrid lost one million Twitter followers inside 24 hours of the five-time Balon d'Or winner being announced as a Juventus player in 2018.

Juventus' social media growth also went through the roof on his arrival, with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook numbers increasing dramatically.

Do you know anybody who supports more than one club? What are your thoughts on the above study?

Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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