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Sky Sports Presenter Accidentally Gets Sadio Mane Confused With Someone Else

Sky Sports Presenter Accidentally Gets Sadio Mane Confused With Someone Else

Mane was arriving at Bayern Munich but when the person emerged from the car it was clearly not the former Liverpool forward pointed out.

A Sky Sports reporter attempted to get an interview with Sadio Mane, as he arrived at Bayern Munich, but it wasn't the Senegal forward who got out of the car first.

Mane confirmed his highly anticipated move to Bayern on Wednesday, after it was confirmed earlier this week that the German club had agreed a fee with Liverpool.

It ends six years at Anfield for the 30-year-old, who only had one year left on his deal, in which he helped the club win the Premier League and Champions League.

His arrival at Bayern will be one of the biggest transfers of the summer, so it's no surprise that everyone will want an interview with the former Southampton winger.

It looked like Sky Sports might get the first words from his as a Bayern player, as reporter and presenter excitedly thought they'd timed their live report perfectly, as he arrived at his new club.

The reporter rushed over to talk to the player as he got out of the car, with the presenter excitedly announcing "there he is!", only it was someone else...

You have to feel sorry for Vicky Gomersall in the studio, because it's actually the work of the cameraman that ends up embarrassing her.

The reporter can be heard shouting Mane's name after Gomersall realises her mistake, which is even more baffling because he can surely see it's not Mane.

Only the former Red Bull Salzburg striker is getting out of the car on the other side and it's only the initial zoom, followed by Gomersall's words that make it look like he's not there.

Of course, the reporter doesn't manage to get any words out of Mane, as he disappears inside to do his first commitments as a Bayern player.

When Mane arrived at Anfield from Southampton, back in 2016, fans mocked the Reds for the move, which was the fifth in just two years from the south coast to Merseyside.

However, on his departure, Klopp called him a 'modern icon' of the club and it's impossible to argue with considering what he's achieved in the past six years.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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