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Sex noise playing off journalist's phone in Filipe Luis' Flamengo press conference is hilarious

Sex noise playing off journalist's phone in Filipe Luis' Flamengo press conference is hilarious

The BBC got pranked by a sex noise and so too did a journalist at a Filipe Luis press conference.

The BBC were the latest victims of the infamous porn noise prank on Tuesday night, prompting absolute hilarity live on air.

While presenting coverage of Wolves' FA Cup replay with Liverpool, Gary Lineker was left red-faced as loud sex noises could be heard in the studio on the broadcast.

“I don’t know who’s making that noise,” Lineker said after raising his voice in an attempt to be above the noise.

“I don’t know if someone’s sending something on someone’s phone, I think. I think it’s a joke. I don’t know if you heard it at home.”

It kept playing and the BBC were forced to apologise for the noise, which was the latest practical joke from a serial YouTube prankster called 'Jarvo69'.

He shared behind-the-scenes footage at Molineux to show how he pulled it off.

Lineker tweeted a picture of a mobile phone taped a chair in the studio, with the ringtone of the device being the iconic noise.

We've all been done by it before and there was a similarly hilarious instance in 2019 during a press conference for Brazilian defender Filipe Luis.

The former Chelsea and Atletico Madrid was being unveiled as Flamengo's new signing, joining his boyhood club.

But sadly the special moment was overshadowed. With Luis was on the verge of answering a question from a journalist, he was caught by surprise when that very same sex noise the BBC were duped by rang out.

The whole room into hysterics, including Luis and former Flamengo director Marcos Braz, with both erupting into laughter and having to compose themselves.

On Tuesday night's clash, the floodlights went out seconds into the game when Adama Traore sent in a cross and that led to the lead commentator saying,"Floodlights went out, it's all happening tonight."

Alan Shearer then joked that BBC pundit Danny Murphy was responsible for the grunts heard, adding," Floodlights going off, Danny Murphy's phone going off in the studio. What else can happen?"

The BBC edited the comment out of the video they put out on social media.

Featured Image Credit: Fox Sports Brasil

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