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Alan Shearer cracked hilarious joke at Danny Murphy's expense on commentary, BBC edited it out

Alan Shearer cracked hilarious joke at Danny Murphy's expense on commentary, BBC edited it out

Wolves and Liverpool's third round replay in the FA Cup was made far more entertaining by the goings on in the BBC studio.

Alan Shearer made a perfect joke during BBC's coverage of Liverpool's FA Cup win over Wolverhampton Wanderers on Tuesday night, and it's been edited out.

Having lost to Brighton the previous weekend, Liverpool would have been determined not to end the night at Molineux as the headline for all the wrong reasons again.

They had nothing to fear however, as even before the game it was guaranteed that the action on the pitch would have to have been a classic to take those headlines.

That's because in the studio, as Gary Lineker, Danny Murphy and Paul Ince had their pre-match discussion, porn noises could be heard playing.

Eventually, once the game had started and the cameras were no longer focusing on the studio, they were able to find the phone that was making the noise.

YouTube prankster Jarvo, famous for getting himself in places he really shouldn't be, eventually came forward to reveal how he'd pulled off the masterclass.

However, before that, Shearer perfectly accused colleague Murphy, who best no selled the noises in the studio, in a brilliant joke on commentary.

The lights mysteriously went out, momentaneously, just seconds into the game, with the lead commentator saying, "Flood lights went out, it's all happening tonight."

With the Premier League all time top goalscorer setting Murphy up by replying, "Floodlights going off, Danny Murphy's phone going off in the studio. What else can happen?"

The joke was delivered perfectly but even more amusingly, the BBC edited out of their version of the video on social media.

Wolves had managed to pull off a brilliant 2-2 draw in the first game between the two sides, which was filled with offside controversy.

First Mohamed Salah had scored despite being in an offside position when the ball was played, because the defender had played the ball, making a mockery of the law in the same way Marcus Rashford did last weekend.

Then Wolves thought they'd scored a winner late in the game butt VAR couldn't see the player who was adjudged to have been offside in order to overturn it.

There no such controversy on the pitch this time however, with Jurgen Klopp's side coming through, with what was a fairly straight forward.

Harvey Elliott's excellent first half strike was the only thing that separated the two sides, with Wolves rarely threatening the away side's goal, until late in the second half.

Elliott celebrates his goal. Image: Alamy
Elliott celebrates his goal. Image: Alamy

The FA Cup holders will next travel back to Brighton, scene of their recent 3-0 loss, in the next round, in one of only two all Premier League ties.

At the weekend they face Chelsea in the league, which is shockingly a tie between ninth and 10th in the table, despite it being halfway through the campaign for most clubs.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/BBC Sport

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