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Updated Premier League supercomputer has new team as champions as Man City title chances plummet

Updated Premier League supercomputer has new team as champions as Man City title chances plummet

The supercomputer has spoken.

A new Premier League supercomputer believes Manchester City's chances of winning the league title have dropped significantly after their 1-0 defeat to Aston Villa.

City conceded 22 shots to Unai Emery's side at Villa Park on Wednesday, and were dominated by a side that were able to overtake them in the league standings.

Pep Guardiola's reigning champions now sit in fourth place - six points behind leaders Arsenal - after 15 games, and have now gone four matches without a win.

That form has worried the Spanish boss, who admitted after the defeat that his side are 'struggling'.

Given their pedigree, however, it is extremely difficult to count City out of the title race just yet, given their ability to go on long unbeaten runs at any stage of the season.

But using their 'League Odds' matrix, football ranking site Euro Club Index have revealed the probabilities that each side have of winning this year's Premier League title. And City are no longer favourites.

That tag instead belongs to Liverpool, who are two points behind Arsenal in second place after their 2-0 win over Sheffield United at Bramall Lane.

Euro Club Index rate Arsenal as having a 32 per cent chance of lifting the crown for the first time in 20 years.

City are down at 29 per cent, having been rated at nearly 70 per cent at the beginning of November - a sign of their current struggles domestically.

However, while they are no longer favourites, the overall index still predicts City to record 83 points, therefore winning the title ahead of Liverpool and Arsenal (82 points).

Third-placed Villa, meanwhile, have a 3.7 per cent chance of winning, while Newcastle have a 1.4 per cent chance,

Tottenham (1 per cent) and Manchester United (0.5 per cent) are the only teams believed to have any opportunity of winning the Premier League this term.

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