Roy Keane Bought Patrick Vieira An Ice Cream As The Two Rivals Buried The Hatchet

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Roy Keane Bought Patrick Vieira An Ice Cream As The Two Rivals Buried The Hatchet

Roy Keane normally dished out kicks and tasty tackles to Patrick Vieira in the heat of their feud, but he bought his long-time foe an ice cream as they buried the hatchet.

As skippers of Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United and Arsene Wenger's Arsenal respectively during the peak of that epic rivalry, the pair regularly went head to head on the pitch.


There was always fireworks whenever Keane and Vieira locked horns and of course they conjured up the infamous moment in the tunnel at Highbury in February 2005.

Image: PA
Image: PA

But it wasn't personal between them and Tony Pastor, who was behind the superb ITV 'Best of Enemies' documentary that they starred in, has shared insight into how well they got on while doing punditry together.

"The two boys bumped into each other in Barcelona one night and immediately kind of embraced and got on like old pals," Tony said on William Hill's Press Box Confidential.


"And people were shocked, genuinely surprised. And then we took them both to Warsaw for the 2012 European Championships and I remember, I was the producer.

"I walked them around and Roy Keane bought Patrick Vieira an ice cream and said, 'what flavour would you like, Patrick?'.

"It just seems so incongruous and so ridiculous."

Then, while filming for the Euros in Poland and Ukraine, Keane displayed solidarity with his long-time opponent when Vieira did a piece on racism.


"So, it all got quite interesting, they were still a bit feisty and then Roy did something quite extraordinary on the first programme," he added.

"The big story, there was a big question about racism in Ukraine and Poland at that time, it didn't actually materialise into the major defining story of the tournament but at the start of the tournament, it was an issue to be raised and questioned.

"And, we asked Patrick Vieira, if he was willing, on the first show, to talk about this and he said absolutely.

"Adrian Chiles was the presenter and he said, 'How have you found it?' He said, 'I have to say everyone's been really polite to me but I'm really conscious I'm being stared at, it's quite uncomfortable walking around central Warsaw'.


"He said, 'nobody's been rude but I'm really conscious walking around, in a way I'm not in London or Paris'.

"And Roy Keane, out of the blue, said at that moment, he said 'to judge a man by the colour of his skin in this day and age is disgusting'.

"And Patrick looked at him and I thought, 'blimey Roy's telling him I'm with you, I'm supporting you and whatever we've gone through in the past, that's entirely unacceptable and I'm willing to publicly state so'.

"I think it made the lads look at each other in a slightly different way afterwards."


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