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Borussia Dortmund Goalkeeper Roman Burki Let Lars Bender Score Penalty In His Final Game

Borussia Dortmund Goalkeeper Roman Burki Let Lars Bender Score Penalty In His Final Game

Bender came on as a substitute and scored a goal.

Nasir Jabbar

Nasir Jabbar

Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Burki let Lars Bender score a penalty in his last ever game in emotional scenes.

Bender, 32, marked his final senior appearance with a goal after a respectful gesture from Burki who allowed the departing Bayer Leverkusen legend to score on Saturday.

The German entered the fray in the 89th minute with his side three-down to Dortmund.

And he was able to bag a consolation in his final game of his career after Leverkusen let him take the late penalty.

What's more, Burki let Bender score with the Dortmund keeper standing still in net.

Image: PA
Image: PA

Bender appreciated the gesture and embraced with the Swiss following his goal.

The Bundesliga hero walks away from football having played over 250 games for Leverkusen.

Speaking before his final match, he touched on his longevity at the club.

He said: "In hindsight, I'm very proud and happy that I was at Leverkusen for so long, I've definitely left my footprint here.

"Though I would've liked to see where my absolute limit as a player was, be at one of the top clubs and compete for the top, top titles, but I've come to terms with that.

"Unfortunately, my body has given me a few problems and honestly, in my mid-twenties, I would've liked to go just that bit higher but today I have to say that I'm not sad about it, I'm very happy to have been here so long.

"I got to know some amazing people here, a brilliant atmosphere, some awesome evenings in the stadium, I cannot forget the great games.

"All in all, very happy about this time."

Featured Image Credit: Bundesliga

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