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The Hilarious Story Of Mario Balotelli And His Bentley Is Doing The Rounds Again

The Hilarious Story Of Mario Balotelli And His Bentley Is Doing The Rounds Again

I'd imagine you can only really hate Mario Balotelli if you support a team that he did literally nothing for after costing multiple millions of pounds.

I'm looking at you Liverpool fans. Despite being frustrating he's nothing but entertaining for the neutral.

A story told by his agent about his Bentley and Balotelli is absolutely brilliant.


From setting off fireworks in his own bathroom and buying two Vespa's and a trampoline when his mum sent him out for an iron to his infamous "Why always me" t-shirt and a penchant for wasting talent the striker will always make headlines.

It's no wonder that he's never out of the spotlight with stories like the one his agent told in an interview with Italian newspaper Il Giornale, via Football Italia.

Mino Raiola revealed the ridiculous story about the former Manchester City striker crashing the agents' Bentley, saying:


"Mario is crazy, but I forgive him everything because he's a good lad. One day he asked to borrow my Bentley. I said 'Mario, score twice against Marseille and we'll talk'.

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"Obviously I forgot about it. Some time later my wife calls through 'Mario is on the phone, I'll pass him over'. I hear this big booming voice: 'Mino! Keys!'. I'm like 'the keys to what?'. He said 'to the Bentley, I scored two goals didn't I?'. So I gave them to him.

"He went to the yacht club and hit a pole when he was reversing. He called me, in his deep voice saying 'Mino, I'm sorry...'

"I forgave him, I can't be angry with him."


Raiola, who also manages Zlatan Ibrahimovic, reckons that the Italian would have won the Ballon d'Or by now if he had the mentality of the Swede saying, "Mario is a phenomenon, but he's Balotelli. He was lucky enough to be adopted by two great people, but in a tough town [Bagnolo Mella], let's face it: a racist one.

He suffered a lot when he was a child, and he's always been that way in the head. If he had the mentality of Zlatan, with his talent he'd have won five Ballon d'Or."


That does suggest that he thinks Mario is more talented than Ibra.

We'll leave that one to you...

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