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Teddy Sheringham recalls drunken row with Roy Keane during Manchester United night out

Teddy Sheringham recalls drunken row with Roy Keane during Manchester United night out

The pair had a feisty relationship during their time together at Old Trafford.

Teddy Sheringham has recalled a drunken row he had with Roy Keane during a Manchester United team night out. 

The pair were teammates at Nottingham Forest before United. 

Sheringham and Keane both had big personalities which led to famous fall outs between them and other members of the squad. 

Former striker Sheringham famously fell out with strike partner Andy Cole, whilst Keane’s time as a United player came to an abrupt end after falling out with manager Sir Alex Ferguson


According to The Times, Sheringham has spoken about his row with Keane during a team night out, which led to the pair not talking for more than three years. 

In his book, ’1999: Manchester United, the Treble and All That’, Sheringham spoke about the drunken row which took place in a minibus journey after the night out. 

He wrote: “All of a sudden, Keany said, 'Why don't you f*** off back to London in your f***ing red Ferrari and your penthouse?'

“I went 'Eh?; And he says, 'Yeah, f*** off back to London'.

“I’m like, 'Are you coming for me, Keany? Why are you coming for me, you Paddy? F***ing what?' And he went 'f*** off', and he goes on 'f***ing red Ferrari, penthouse…’. 

“Then he jumped round, still with his bad leg, got me by the tie, pulled me towards him, grappling with him.

“Suddenly everyone's going 'what's going on?' and pulling us apart.” 


Sheringham then said that Keane gave him the silent treatment during training on the following day. 

He added: “I couldn't sleep that night thinking, 'It’s going to go off as soon as I get into training'.

“I’ve seen Roy in the gym so I know it can go off. So I go in thinking, 'Get yourself ready'. I actually go in to change thinking, 'I'm ready for him’.” 


The former England player continued: “You have your own cubicle so I was either next to Keany, or maybe the one after, and as I walked in, he's there doing his shoes up.

“I walked in past him and I'm thinking he's going to get up and boot me in the face. I'm thinking 'here we go'.

Keany gets up and walks out. He didn't say a word to me. He didn't say a word to me for the next three-and-a-half years.” 

Despite their off field relationship, the pair played an influential role in a United side that won the treble in 1999, and the pair won two more Premier League trophies together before Sheringham moved to Tottenham Hotspur in 2001.

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