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What Sir Alex Ferguson Exclaimed When He First Saw Paul Scholes

What Sir Alex Ferguson Exclaimed When He First Saw Paul Scholes

The midfielder became one of Fergie's most important players but the legendary manager wasn't too impressed when he first saw Scholes play.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

Paul Scholes is one of the best midfielders of the Premier League era so surely Sir Alex Ferguson knew he had a brilliant player on his hands as soon as he saw the midfielder, but apparently not.

The United legend won 11 league titles with the Red Devils and made over 700 appearances for the club, playing his entire career under Ferguson.

Scholes was part of the Class of 92 that helped Fergie's side dominate the English top tier for ages but despite breaking into the team as a young player he didn't impress when the Scot first saw Scholes.

According to FourFourTwo, when Fergie first saw Scholes play, for United's youth team, in the 80s he turned to Jim Ryan and said, "He's got no chance, he's a midget."

In an interview years later the boss admitted that he'd got it wrong with the Salford born player, and that he'd never been allowed to forget his error, "That's become a standing joke," the former Aberdeen boss said, "Jim never lets me forget that early assessment and I have to hold my hands up.

"You could see exceptional ability but he was so tiny.

"Paul is one in a million and I was left to reflect on how mightily privileged United have been that he graced our team."

In his interview with FourFourTwo, the midfielder was asked if it were true that he used to ping balls at the manager's head in training, with the 45-year-old confirming the story, "Yes, that's a bit true! I wouldn't go for the manager, but I might hit one just by the side of him to try to wake him up.

"I wasn't stupid enough to aim directly at his head. He would look around and see who did it, and even though I'd be standing in a crowd of about eight players, I would always get the blame! I do remember I once hit Phil [Neville] from distance with a cracker right on the head. It sent him flying - it was hilarious!"

Scholes and Fergie left the game together. Image: PA Images
Scholes and Fergie left the game together. Image: PA Images

It's a good job that Ferguson didn't allow for first impression to stick, with Scholes going on to be one of the most important players in an era where his side dominated English football.

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